Celebrity Weight Loss Isn’t The Best Guide To Your Diet And Exercise Program

There’s a lot of information floating around in the media about celebrity weight loss. I don’t know about you but it seems that everyday there is a new magazine article on the shelves about the newest diet or weight loss fad coming out of Hollywood. And the range of ideas being touted as the ‘next big thing’ by celebrity watchers can be simply astounding. This is not to say that these amazing diets can’t be beneficial for you. They obviously work, to a degree.

The biggest problem with most weight tips and diets is that they have a very high rate of short term gain and long term pain. As many as 95% of people who try a new diet will achieve only short term results before relapsing back to old habits and often ending up with more weight loss and health problems than they had before starting. While it can be frustrating to be overweight, there are very few extreme solutions that are effective over a period of months or years and not simply days.

Celebrity weight loss programs are also more often than not supervised by expensive personal trainers and catered to by professional chefs. It’s not the kind of short term diet and lifestyle choice that most people can make. It’s not sustainable unless you have the million dollar budget to back it up and, dare I say it, the kind of personality that can throw itself into an obsessive routine. The secret to long term, sustainable weight loss is real lifestyle change.

Whether you’re a little overweight or obese there are lifestyle factors unique to you that have put you in the situation you’re in. Also, your body type could be healthy with a little extra weight and might not be built to look ‘celebrity thin’. You need to work these things out yourself with the help of professional health care and fitness experts. You also have to find something you’re comfortable with and something that makes you happy now and will continue to make you happy all your life. For most people this is, unfortunately, a slow and relatively painful process.

Celebrities can be inspirational. Some of the things they can achieve in their lives are simply amazing and copying some of the things they do, or at least adapting their behavior to fit our own lives can give us a new lease on life. The best weight loss tips, however, always come back to taking a low and sustainable approach to lifestyle change and changing your body one step at a time.

The Low-Carb Lifestyle Made Easy To Do

Some people think that making changes in their daily way of living, no matter how small and easy, can be irritating or time-consuming, even if you’re eager to know what is the fastest way to lose weight. But it’s time you should make those small and easy changes before some health concerns and problems can take place. The sooner you start living a healthier lifestyle, the better, so you can prevent serious health issues from happening. And a healthy lifestyle is easier to do than you might think! You may start to wonder what took you so long to start getting healthy in the first place.

A healthy lifestyle starts with eating the right foods every single day, and the best way you can make sure you get all the nutrients you need daily is to go low-carb. A low-carbohydrate lifestyle means you minimize your consumption of carbohydrates so your body will have time to burn off the excess fat you have that made you gain weight. There is nothing unhealthy about going low-carb, because scientists have verified that carbohydrates are not an essential nutrient, and we only need a small amount daily to function well.

Going low-carb means you need to get your energy from protein and fats, and the healthier your food sources, the better. Go for lean meat like pork, chicken, lamb and turkey, and get your healthy fats from olive oil, nuts, and seafood. Make sure you get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables so you can digest the protein well. Make your snacks wholesome and nutritious with yogurt, berries, eggs and cheese, and also get enough of fresh water and other liquids to stay hydrated and full so you won’t eat as much. Regular exercise is also encouraged, so move around as much as you can; not too much to tire you out, but enough to get you energized and feeling happy and healthy.

How to Shed Unwanted Body Fats

How to Shed Unwanted Body Fats

An extravagant and inactive lifestyle is one of the main reasons of making people obese. Add to this eating junk food (including fried food) that piles up the fat in your body. Consequently, this accumulate fat restricts physical movements for most people. This shouldn’t stop you though if you really want to lose fat.

Following a strict diet plan (of 10-11 days) can make a person lose fat and become fit and healthy. It is necessary for the dieter though to keep track of his or her body weight and continue following the plan and do some exercise even if weight-loss results have already been achieved.

For further motivation, it is necessary to think of fats as harmful to the body. Remember that excess fats in the body can lead to joint pains, rheumatism, and even more serious ones such as diabetes, angina, high-blood pressure, spinal problems, and heart attacks. Overweight or not, it is imperative for people have to watch their fat intake.

Tips to lose body fat:

  1. Always consume brown bread instead of white bread during breakfast. Also, remember to include fresh fruits like berries and apples, and milk in your breakfast as they contain pectin (limits fat absorption in cell walls) and calcium, respectively.
  1. Consume vitamin C and protein-rich food like cereals and eggs during supper. They help flush and burn fats more easily.
  1. Salads, a piece of dessert, egg, lean turkey, whole grains, soybeans, oatmeal, and garlic should be part of your lunch and dinner meals. Season your food with hot pepper as well because it breaks down fatty acids.
  1. And the most important diet rule of all: drink plenty of water. Water speeds up your metabolism and helps you flush out fats and harmful toxins from your body.

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Colon Cleansing Improves your General Health


Colon Cleansing Improves your General Health

An unhealthy colon has the potential to affect our general health, since it affects all other organs in our body. When our colon is unhealthy, it is filled with mucoid plaque and toxins. It is clogged, which leads to constipation. Unhealthy colons are often a by-product of modern, American living, with our bad diets, poor lifestyles, and bad living conditions.

English: Salvia divinorum. Original image was ...

English: Salvia divinorum. Original image was of an unhealthy plant that did not do justice to the plant’s usual appearance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We Americans tend to eat too much protein, which leads to too much acid, which harms the colon and depletes necessary minerals and electrolytes from our bodies. Many of us also tend to overeat, which results in an overuse of enzymes and an overworked colon.

In addition, the foods we eat harm our colons. Processed food is a big culprit; we eat foods that were not meant to be eaten by any human. Healthy colons result in healthy lifestyles; with a clean colon, many of the ailments we experience simply go away.

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