Garlic and Its Important Role in Quick Weight Loss

In the Four Hour Body book chapter on the PAGG stack supplement, Tim Ferriss says he owes the tip off about garlic for quick weight loss to a helpful homeless guy, passing comments at a restaurant barbeque.  But garlic has been known for centuries around the world, not only as a delicious ingredient in many regional cuisines, but also as a powerful health-giving ingredient.

Considered a natural antibiotic, garlic has had a resurgence in medicine in the light of fears of infection strains that are resistant to pharmaceutical formulations. Indeed it has been recorded as a herbal remedy for infection in Europe dating back to plagues in medieval times!  Often these plagues ravished the UK and northern Europe, sparing those further south who included garlic regularly in their diet.

It is also documented antioxidant, helping to lower levels of the dangerous low-density cholesterol, as well as accelerating the metabolism to act more broadly on weight control concerns – hence the inclusion of garlic in the PAGG stack supplement.  Parts of the world where use of garlic is a regular part of the traditional cuisine, such as in the Mediterranean basin, statistics often correlate with lower incidence of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis – the Mediterranean diet is often touted as being great for heart health as well as weight control, for this very reason.

Despite the extensive and compelling anecdotal evidence, scientific trials on garlic often produce contradictory and inconclusive results.  Much remains unknown about the specific biological pathways involved, such as in the cholesterol-reduction effects.  One of the more powerful antioxidant factors in garlic is allicin, but this volatile ingredient is released when the clove is macerated or crushed, yet destroyed completely by cooking or ageing – and few delicious traditional Mediterranean recipes employ large quantities of raw garlic, in fact raw garlic can be hard on the digestion (just as with other raw alliums like onions), and needs to be used in small quantities only.

If there was likely to be any pharmaceutical profit in it of course the scientists could doubtless isolate the various compounds that react and interact in garlic as it behaves in the human body, but as an easily grown natural ingredient that would be unlikely to offer much return on investment, compared to synthetic statins and other products.  But the evidence remains, including Tim Ferriss’ ten years of testing as documented in the Four Hour Body, during the development of the PAGG stack (where aged garlic extract is combined with policosanol, alpha-lipoic acid and green tea flavanols to create a powerful fat-burning supplement).  Aged garlic extract was found by Ferriss to be the most potent and effective way of taking the large quantities needed for best effect, without having to consume it by the bucketload at every meal, or risk the equally-traditional ‘garlic breath’ that fresh extract can produce.  So responsible PAGG stack manufacturers like Pareto Nutrition use exclusively aged garlic extract, in precisely Ferriss’ recommendations, in their world-class product.

PAGG stack supplement shipping to Asia

Asian readers of Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Body book were far from surprised by the emphasis on the use of natural herbal supplements, to maximize the potential effectiveness of the slow carb diet.  After all, Eastern cultures have been pioneers of herbal and natural health wisdom for many thousands of years.  Knowledge of this area has traditionally flowed from East to West – with purveyors of Traditional Chinese Medicine and ancient healing techniques traveling to distant parts of Europe and the New World to share their wisdom and remedies… now, in a very holistic symmetry, there is a herbal discovery making its way from West to East, by USPS First Class mail.

The PAGG stack supplement is the unique combination of Policosanol, Alpha-lipoic acid, aged Garlic extract blended with Green tea flavanols (ECGC), which Ferriss spent more than10 years refining before launching the formula in his latest book.  It was bound to appeal specifically to readers in Asia – not least because of their appreciation of the unique approach of stacking ingredients together.  All of the substances have their own well-documented uses in digestion and weight control, but it is when taken simultaneously that their effect is magnified synergistically, giving rise to a combined effect that is considerably greater than the sum of the parts involved.

However, until recently, this ‘stack’ effect has been difficult to optimize in Asia, because of the lack of availability of a prepared combined supplement.  Creating one’s own combination using different brands of capsules, tablets and herbs has always been a tricky business – getting the doses right to Ferriss’ precisely-refined recommendation is hard enough, not to mention the quality issues (such as using the biologically-active R-ALA, instead of the cheaper racemic mixture.  There are absorption issues to consider too, because the effect of the stack is optimized when the ingredients are released and digested completely simultaneously… Even in a culture knowledgeable and experienced with herbal supplements, there are a lot of complex and expensive things to get right with PAGG.

Great news then for Asian Four Hour Body fans, that Pareto Nutrition are now shipping their high-quality combined PAGG stack supplement directly to users in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, China and Singapore.  Offering the best quality ingredients in their iconic red and blue capsules (which don’t just look cool, but also preserve the volatile ingredients in perfect condition), Pareto are also offering FREE international shipping for a limited time.  With delivery rates of 10-12 days being achieved without customs hold-ups, happy clients across Asia are quickly getting used to the weight-loss edge the PAGG stack supplement supplies, and achieving their body recomposition goals with greater speed and reduced effort.