Losing Weight During Christmas Season

This period of the year is the hardest for us, the ones who are trying to get fit. We will need a strong willpower to cross this period without gaining weight, let alone lose some more. This is the answer to the popular question: how to lose weight fast? If you find the strength to refrain from excess during holidays nothing will stop you reaching your fitness goals.

Be careful what you buy

It is much easier to refrain yourself from buying all kinds of tasty foods in abundance than buying them and trying to eat just a little bit. Buy less and it’s a win-win situation. Try to buy healthy foods, avoid buying a ton of chocolate and sweets. Buy fruits and buy some home-made cookies. Try to avoid buying all the sweets and cookies you can put your hand on. When you see a piece of chocolate think about the time and effort it will void if you eat it. Or how much more time you will need to invest to be where you are right now!

Continue your workout program

If it’s the holiday season it doesn’t mean you can take a break for your workout program. You should appreciate the added time and energy that you can spend during this time. Push harder and you can reward yourself with some tasty food after. Don’t just give up on your program and start indulging yourself in gastronomic pleasures and fitness laziness. You will regret it later, and it will be much harder for you.

Gym subscribing trend

I was talking to a friend of mine who owns a gym. He told me that the best period of time for his business is right after a big holiday. People are feeling guilty they ate so much and they want to fix it. Instead of going this route try to break the pattern. You will gain a lot of confidence and momentum if you will pass the holiday seasons and actually approach your goal to lose belly fat instead of stepping further away from it.

Stay focused and work hard, the summer is very close!

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The Belly Fat Fight

Many of us need to lose belly fat. Unless we takes steps to stay fit and trim, we lose muscle tone, especially after reaching forty. Excess weight can lead to health complications such as sleep apnea(a momentary cessation of breathing while asleep) or, in cases of extreme obesity, diabetes, heart attack or a stroke. A handy ratio to determine your suitable weight is height to waist size; it should be at least two to one, i.e. if you are six feet–72 inches–tall, your waist should not be greater than 36 inches around. If you would like some pointers about how to lose beer belly overload, read on for some pointers,

To begin, look at what you eat. Unfortunately, a preference for fast foods and snacks, such a soft drinks or fried foods, while hands and tasty, are generally not very nutritious. Changes are not hard. Swap water for your soft drink and save 150 calories. Eat fruit–a banana, an orange or an apple is just as sweet and refreshing that cold drink but carries just half the calorie count and adds fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Dietary fiber can be worked into your diet rather easily. Avocados are a great source, as are beans and squash. Another source is psyllium husks, which can be found commercially under the brand name “Metamucil”. It can be added to soups, salads or home made items such as breads and deserts. Whatever the source, fiber is credited with helping to remove excess cholesterol and promoting regularity. But perhaps the best reason for adding fiber for weight control is that it acts to minimize dietary sluggishness which may enhance the burning of calories.
You will not lose weight by skipping meals, but you might consider eating a larger number of smaller meals. That will quell hunger pangs.

Exercise should also be considered. Start with short sessions and work your way up. Vigorous aerobics thirty minutes is a good goal. Yoga or eastern martial arts is less stressful on the joints.

The fight to lose stubborn belly fat is a daily battle. Remember, you did not gain all that weight overnight so do not expect to lose it that way either. Dedication is a must but the rewards of more energy and zest for life make it all worthwhile.

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Sensible Ways To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

Do you need to lose belly fat? As we grow older,we lose muscle tone if something isn’t done. Over forty years of age, you are more inclined to lose muscle. Belly fat can be a health hazard though it may not seem like a big deal to carry around some extra weight. Some conditions linked to having a beer belly are sleep apnea( when breathing stops a few seconds in your sleep), diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and high cholesterol. A measurement of you hip and waist ration will tell if you need to lose stubborn belly fat. The waist measurement should be smaller than t eh hip measurement. If your waist measures more than your hips, here are some tips to remove excess fat.

The first thing to do is change your diet. Junk foods like sodas and chips are empty calories that contribute to weight gain. Making small adjustments in your diet will reduce your caloric intake. Exchanging sodas with water saves 150 calories. A small apple contains about 80 calories which is half of the amount in chips or candy bars. Increase fiber intake. Increasing fiber fights constipation and bloating which is another cause of weight gain.Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals will not help you lose beer belly. You will only feel hungrier later and more likely eat the wrong foods.

If you want to lose stubborn belly fat, exercise is a must. You don’t need a gym membership. It is recommended you get 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least three days a week. You can break this down into three segments of ten minutes each. If you are out of shape, start with fifteen minutes and gradually increase time.

There is no quick fix to lose belly fat. It takes some dedication and life style changes to achieve the results you want.

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Belly Fat Diet for Quick Weight Loss

It seems that everywhere you look there is some new weight loss product or gadget designed to make your weight loss efforts fast and effortless. Unfortunately, these promises of fast weight loss are nothing more than a way to get you to spend your hard earned money.

With so many people suffering with too much belly fat, or that well formed muffin top, it’s becoming easier and easier for marketer’s to target consumers with ineffective weight loss items. There is a very effective method that has proven time and time again to be the best way to lose belly fat, and that is with a proper belly fat diet and the right kind of exercise.

If you are wondering what a belly fat diet consists of, don’t worry, it’s not some new product or food plan that you need to run out and purchase. A good belly fat diet will help you lose belly fat by teaching you the right foods to get the fat melting off while also preventing future fat stores.

One very easy method of helping to melt those fat deposits is to switch over to using whole-grains as much as possible. Whole grains will not only help keep you feeling full and satisfied for a longer period of time, thereby eliminating extra snacking, but they have also been shown to actually help burn belly fat. Not only that, they have the added benefit of being very good for heart health.

Another very beneficial item that everyone should add to their diet is green tea. Green tea has been shown to help fight belly fat and actually burn extra calories through is thermogenic effect. Studies also indicate that drinking green tea on a regular basis can help prevent a number of diseases including diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer. Drinking green tea is just plain good for you, whether you need to lose weight or not.

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Five Exercise Routines to Lose Belly Fat

Most of the time it is not enough that you lose weight, you also need to tone up to get into top shape. What a lot of people do not know is that there is still a lot of work ahead of them if they are hoping for a nice ripped body especially the abdomen. Get right on these following exercises and you could easily learn how to lose weight in a week.

There are very specific exercises to lose belly fat and if you intend to see actual results, you have to start immediately after you reach your ideal weight. Here are 5 of the best exercises you should do:

1. Crunches- You must have heard of this routine a hundred times before, probably more, but it is a fool proof way to achieve a rock hard set of abs. If you are a beginner, you can start with at least 10 everyday for the first week then increase it to 25 on the second week, 50 on the third week, and so forth until you reach the 100 crunches per day mark.

2. Regular Cardio- Aside from the crunches, you should not neglect your cardio routine because in order to maintain you ideal weight, you have to continue burning off calories. The only way you can get a well formed body is if you keep the calorie deficit in your system so you do not gain any weight at all.

3. Full Sit Ups- The difference between a full sit ups and a crunch is that the former has more extensive effects that the latter as it also exercises your back muscles not just you abs.

4. Side Crunches- This routine is a slight variation of the regular stomach crunching and it happens to be extremely effective not just in trimming belly fat but also in strengthening the arm muscles.

5. Alternate Leg Lifts- This is great for the abdominal muscles as well as the legs and thighs.

Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks

Typically, losing belly fat is something that is done over a long period of time through diet and proper exercise. However, there are times when you have to get rid of your belly fat as fast as you can. Usually this is due to an upcoming event or perhaps you need to get into bikini shape because of an upcoming vacation. Follow a few of these simple tips and we can show you how to lose belly fat in two weeks without the use of expensive pills or fad diets.

The first thing you need to do to eliminate belly fat and look your best is reduce your intake of gaseous foods. Foods such as beans can leave you feeling bloated and can amplify your belly fat. If you absolutely cannot do without these kinds of foods, then you can also take products like Beno which help eliminate the gas.

There are a number of foods you can eat that will actually help lose belly fat. Foods such as eggs, blueberries, and whole wheat help a number of body functions that aid in different manners of digestion and processing fat. Eat plenty of these foods alone with fruits and vegetables during the two-week you are trying to lose belly fat.

When eating these foods, try to space them out over the entire day. It’s been proven that the more small meals you can eat in a day the more weight you can lose. Eating lots of little meals throughout the day helps the body process calories better. This also has the added benefit of slowly feeding your body calories which in turn can be used as energy. This process allows you to keep a steady metabolism all day without feeling sluggish at any time because of hunger.

Exercising is an important part of any weight loss plan. Doing sit-ups will not burn belly fat alone. You need to increase your heart rate and keep the heart rate elevated to really start burning calories. This will allow you to burn belly fat while crunches tone your abdominal muscles. These two in conjunction can give you that flat stomach you always wanted.

So remember burning belly fat in two weeks is not an impossible task. Space your meals out throughout the day to make the best use of your calorie intake. Also, introduce belly fat burning foods to increase your weight loss. Finally, brisk exercise is vital to the success of your weight loss plan.

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