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Lose Weight and Feel Great While Dieting

If you’ve ever been on a calorie controlled diet then you’ll know all too well the feeling of hunger pains. We all know that cutting calories is one of the most important steps to losing weight,  but it can be incredibly difficult to do when you feel hungry all of the time. Lying awake at night because your stomach is rumbling is not a pleasant experience!

Luckily, there are ways to cut calories and lose weight without having to feel ravenous. With more and more people becoming concerned about their weight and going on diets, business has catered to the demand and provided a range of products to help.

One useful product is called hoodia gordonii. Used for centuries by African Bushmen, its potential has become well known in western countries in recent years. In Africa hoodia has been used to treat infections and relieve the pain of indigestion. The property which has made it well known, however, is that of reducing appetite.

On long hunting trips food may not be available for many hours. Hunger builds up during this time and can make you uncomfortable, which impairs your ability to hunt. A long time ago the Bushmen discovered that eating the flesh of a certain plant – which we now know as hoodia gordonii – suppressed their appetite, reduced their hunger pangs, and made those long trips much more bearable.

Since the plant has become well known, a lot of people have been asking where to buy hoodia. My advice would be to buy from a reputable source as there are a lot of dodgy companies out there who sell inferior products which contain very little of the actual plant extract.

Another great way to avoid hunger pains is to snack. Yes, that’s right, snack! I know that snacking isn’t usually considered part of a healthy calorie controlled diet, but the fact is that in recent years a wide variety of low fat snacks for weight loss have been created. You can’t just pick up a chocolate bar from the local 7/11 of course, but you can easily find tasty, healthy, low fat snacks in health food stores and online.

As you can see, hunger pains are no longer an inevitable consequence of a low fat diet. You can lose weight and still feel great with the tips in this article!