How HCG Injections Are To Be Applied With My HCG Reviews Guide

The diet protocol that involves human chorionic gonadotropin has been found to have its fair share of benefits and results.  However, taking in hcg does not always mean ease and convenience when it comes to hcg injections.  The hcg is a natural hormone that occurs normally in high levels in pregnant women.  You can call this hormone as a protector of the embryo so that it does not starve when the mother’s calorie intake is not sufficient.  Instead of relying on the food that the mother consumes, the body looks for another source of energy.  In myhCG plus reviews, it converts body fats into energy and prevents termination of the pregnancy.  This is the same process that goes with the hcg diet protocol.

Consequently, hcg injections are to be applied with the 500 calorie diet.  To properly set your hcg shots without hassle, mixing hcg with bacteriostatic water will provide you enough for a 40-45 day cycle with the solution refrigerated to last longer.  Thus if you have a 5,000 IU hcg powder, it will be mixed with 20 cc or that is 20 ml bacteriostatic water. Using a 10 cc syringe, draw out just 1 cc of bacteriostatic water initially to dissolve the hcg powder in its vial.  Once it has dissolved, draw out the liquid from it and then mix it with the remaining bacteriostatic water required in a separate sealed glass vial.  It is a mixing vial that has a rubber seal on top.  Take note that you should not shake the bottle to stir or mix the contents.  Just lightly swirl or roll the vial on your palm to prevent bubbles from forming.

The solution you have just mixed will then give you shots of 0.5 cc per day for the next 40 days or that is 125 IU of daily hcg injections.  This is already good enough for your daily hcg diet since only 125 IU to 200 IU is needed for it to work along with a 500 calorie diet just as what is on myhCG plus reviews.  Make sure to stop on the 40th day and take a couple of weeks break before engaging to another 40-day cycle.  Remember that this is needed so as to prevent immunity from the substance.  The shots can be easily injected intramuscular especially on the upper leg section.

Reading My HCG Plus Reviews For More Information

As for any dieter, going on any diet may seem a bit too hasty at times.  This is why reading reviews about the diets online could be helpful.  Nowadays, the hCG diet is becoming more and more popular once again.  Even though it was introduced in the 1950’s, it has made it into the mainstream once again.  With more followers than ever, the hCG diet has made it possible for even the obese to lose weight.  There are my hCG plus reviews online that discuss the difference of the original diet with the modified one.  And these reviews talk about the use of the hCG drops more.

Most of the content of My hCG plus reviews discuss the differences of the original diet which use the hCG injections.  The modified hCG diet has made it a point to replace the hCG injections with hCG drops.  It has been discovered that the diluted form of the hormone hCG still has the same effect.  The hCG oral drops can still burn the unwanted fat just like the injected version.  For those who have a major fear of needles yet want to undergo the hCG diet, this hCG diet version is an advantage because there are no needles involved anymore.

Before going on the my hCG plus diet program, it really helps to read the my hCG plus reviews first.  There are things that are discussed there, especially the different benefits and disadvantages (if any).  One of the main concerns here is the use of the hCG drops.  When people buy hCG online, there is an instruction manual that comes along with it.  The My HCG Plus kit also comes with a recipe book which will guide the dieter on how to keep within the 1200 calorie diet which the diet needs.  Paired with the hCG use, the weight loss will be rapid.

According to the numerous My HCG plus reviews, the weight loss is guaranteed to be a rapid one, as long as the dieter follows everything diligently.  The use of hCG drops should also be followed diligently.  The hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (or hCG) is known to burn the abnormal fat in the body, and when coupled with the low calorie diet of the diet plan, the weight loss will really be rapid.  Another good thing is that the instruction manual also tells the dieter how to maintain the weight once he or she has achieved his or her ideal weight.