Advice On Losing Weight and Getting Fit

Every few years weight loss advice evolves. This often leads to a shift in how people exercise or diet to lose weight. Past examples are the rise of aerobics for fitness during the 1980’s and the greater understanding of the role or protein for athletics.

One of the biggest shifts in recent years started after Professor Izumi Tabata published his paper on his research in variable intensity and fitness. The paper was called “Effects of moderate-intensity endurance and high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO2max”.

Dr. Tabata found that when people exercised to a higher intensity for short periods of time they greatly increased their fitness levels, as measured by VO2 Max levels, and also this had a knock on effect of aiding weight loss. Tabata training workouts are now a very popular way to increase fitness and to lose weight.

These findings gave rise to a whole new way of exercising. Gone was the “fat burning zone”, where people would exercise for hours at a relatively low intensity in the belief that they would burn more fat. In came high intensity interval training, often shortened to HIIT.

All of a sudden people were interspersing their long and boring cardio sessions with short and intensive sprint intervals. The greatest thing about this new form of training was not just that it got you fitter and helped you to burn more fat, but you could complete your workouts much quicker. Rather than performing 60 minutes on the exercise bike you would now exercise for no more than 30 minutes, with around 10 sprint intervals in each workout.

Health and fitness clubs soon caught on to this idea. Soon there were exercise classes designed specifically to utilize these new theories. Spinning classes, where a group of people exercise on stationary bicycles together, suddenly sprung up all around the country. In spinning classes the instructor leads the class and takes the exercisers through a series of increasingly more intense workouts, including sprints and hill climbs. All designed to boost fitness and burn more fat.

Soon other “old school” types of exercise also started to become more popular. One example is martial arts. Martial arts classes have always involved a high intensity interval training system, although it was just never called that by name. The nature of the classes with intensive exercise drills, sparring and pad work means that as you exercise you go through periods of extreme activity which are then followed by rest, or at least relative rest.

Although the basic principals of exercise and weight loss remain the same, sports science is teaches us to become more efficient in the way we exercise.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Practice Fitness

3 Reasons Why You Should Practice Fitness

You’ve heard how great is to work out regularly, but do you really believe it? Do you want to feel better, have more energy and live longer? Classic exercises under the assistance of a NJ personal trainer are the most efficient solution. The benefits of working out regularly, from preventing certain health conditions to sleeping better at night, are impossible to ignore.

1.    Working out improves your mood

Do you need to do some physical exercises after a stressful day at work? A workout at the gym or a 30-minute walk can definitely help you relax. If you have no time to go to gym, it’s still no problem, because NJ personal trainers can come straight to your house. Working out stimulates various brain chemicals, process which makes you feel more relaxed and happier. You will also look better and feel better if you work out regularly and, on this occasion, you can also strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem. Regular physical activity can sometimes prevent even depression.

2.    Fitness helps combat chronic diseases

Are you worried you might have a heart disease? Do you hope you can prevent osteoporosis? Training with an NJ personal trainer can be your winning jackpot. Regular physical activity helps to prevent or properly manages high blood pressure. It normalizes the levels of cholesterol in your blood, stimulates high density lipoproteins or cholesterol and reduces the number of triglycerides. NJ personal trainers know the right exercises to prevent type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and certain cancers.

3.    A NJ personal trainer can help you keep your weight under control

Do you want to get rid of excess weight? Try to forget about loafing about on your couch, in front of the TV, and start walking or do other physical activities. When you work out, you burn calories and the more intense your physical activity is, the more pounds you will lose.