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The HCG Medical Diet For Weight Loss

Human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG is a hormone, which is naturally produced by the body; however, it can also be taken as a supplement to shed extra body fat. The hCG medical diet is given to patients to cut down their calorie intake without causing any side effect.

HCG Medical Diet
HCG Medical Diet

The hCG diet is very effective and has been used for several years. The secret of hCG diet is that it drastically lessens the uncontrollable cravings, debilitation and biliousness, besides others. It has the ability to burn extra body fat, but not the tissues that your body needs the most for vital systemic function. Besides, hCG also changes the body metabolism and allows the body to burn fat in a way that anneals your hunger and helps you lose weight safely and efficaciously.

A large number of men and women can use hCG to shed extra weight. It is effective for everyone; however, it is effective for those who exercise on a regular basis and diet, but don’t see any significant change in their body weight.

How does hCG work?

hCG hormone is produced naturally in both men and women. However, its secretion increases significantly by the placenta during pregnancy in order to act as a safety net. If a pregnant woman’s calorie intake decreases, the body sends an urgent signal to the hypothalamus to get fat from the body’s reserve fat stores, the adipose tissue. This stored fat provides a good source of energy. hCG does not break structural fat, but only extra deposited fat.

The hCG weight loss program is run by ThriveMD — it is a medically monitored program in which expert nutritional guidance is given. You will need to follow this weight loss program in three distinct stages. In the first stage, you will need to start with a 3 short weeks of dieting. This is followed by 3 weeks of monitored stabilization; and finally, 3 weeks of care. No heavy exercise is encouraged while following this weight loss program.

Is there any side effect of hCG medical diet?

Those who follow this program earnestly will be able to lose up to 2 pounds of weight each day. Most people following this hCG diet program feel satisfied and full of energy. There is rarely any side effect reported.

free trials HCG weight loss

HCG Weight Loss: Proven Safe and Effective

The majority of Americans are dealing with weight and obesity problems with many of them losing the battle. This is because over 58 million Americans are overweight and 40 million are obese while 3 million are morbidly obese. The situation is so serious that for every 10 Americans aged 25 years old and above 8 of them are overweight. The situation becomes even more complicated when you realize that diseases which are associated with being overweight are on the rise. These diseases which include type ll diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, breast and colon cancer and high blood pressure are showing up more and more among younger people and are responsible for the many deaths that are taking place among young people.

Many people have found that losing weight or shedding those pounds is not just a matter of looking good but it is now a matter of life or death. Many diets have been invented and touted out there to have miracle powers yet they turn out to be nothing but a gimmick. It is important to find out as much as you can before attempting to follow any diet as some of these diets have serious health consequences.

The HCG Diet is a very popular diet in America and many millions of people have used it and have lost a lot of weight through it. Developed many years ago many Americans have been using the diet since 1950 and have found it to be highly effective when it came to losing weight. It has become one of the best known diets which are also effective and since the year 2000 when HCG drops formula was invented its popularity has only grown in leaps and bounds.

The HCG drops come with written instructions which are simple to follow with materials, shopping lists and recipes which when followed can help anyone to lose weight very safely and quickly. The HCG diet does not come with a lot of instructions about having to eat expensive foods or by making you eat only one type of food which is dangerous for your health. Instead you will not only get to eat the food you eat but save some money as you will be eating less.

The HCG weight loss program is safe for anyone to follow and has been approved by health practitioners. Before going on it you should have a doctor give you an examination to ensure that you can safely follow the diet. You can buy HCG drops online or from your local health food store.

dieting free trials weight loss

HCG Drops Advantages For Quick Weight Loss

HCG is a protein hormone that accumulates naturally in the placenta after conception in a woman’s body. However this hormone, also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is found in both male and female alike, though in smaller dosages when not pregnant. Through the increasing of this hormone in the body the metabolism of the body accelerates and helps break down extra body fat cells. Thus the HCG hormone diet was created several decades ago.

The HCG hormone diet was originally, and still is available, offered as an inter-muscle injection. Currently oral HCG drops are also available on the market, a perfect option for needle-phobic people who really need to get rid of the extra pounds fast and efficiently. Unlike other products for weight loss, HCG drops are considerably less expensive, and if followed through with the diet properly, will give life-changing results. These drops do not require any preparation, and are ready made to ingest. The HCG hormone diet works with either injections or drops and each individual gets to choose.

The HCG drops, however, tend to have more longevity than the injections, not to mention that injections are sometimes painful, whereas ingested drops are easier than taking a pill. The HCG hormone produces no side effects as it is a completely natural hormone the body already possesses and is one of the most natural diets to produce such speedy results. There are many people that for health reasons need a speedy weight loss program so as to relieve their body from the side-effects of obesity, and sadly when in such extremes their body’s metabolism is running at minimum.

It is always good to begin the HCG hormone diet only after consulting your doctor and confirming that it is what your body needs at the moment. The most important part of all this diet is to stick to the diet. The HCG diet alone will have amazing results even without the drops (though the hormone accelerates the process), because the body is made to live and eat healthy. Any physician can confirm that there is no way to lose weight without these basic ingredients: healthy foods and low fat proteins, 2 to 3 liters of water a day minimum, 45 minutes at least of physical activity to get the metabolism up and running.

HCG drops and the HCG hormone diet is a wonderful option which many have tried and are now happy with their results. Who is to say you won’t be the next happy user?

dieting free trials weight loss

Watch Out For HCG Weight Loss Side Effects

There is a new diet gaining attention in the world of weight loss, it is called the HCG diet. This diet uses a chemical called HCG (human chorionic ponadrotpin), a hormone produced by women who are pregnant. This chemical is the same chemical that allows pregnant women to burn the extra calories they consume to feed their growing baby. Many individuals claim that the diet works for them while others suffer from the negative HCG diet side effects.

What to Watch Out For

There are several common HCG side effects. One of them is reoccurring headaches. These can happen for several reasons such as sugar withdrawals or not getting enough food in your body. This happens because the diet only allows 500 calories per day, which is not enough for a normal person. Another symptom that is caused by this low calorie intake is fatigue. This is usually coupled with inhibited concentration skills and insomnia as the brain becomes impaired from lack of food. Many people also complain of constipation while on this diet but that can be fixed by drinking more water, which is a key part of weight loss. Blood clots, trouble breathing, and depression are dangerous side effects of the diet that should be looked out for. If they happen seek immediate medical attention. Women who are pregnant or are breast feeding are not allowed on this diet along with people who have certain cancers.

These and other HCG weight loss side effects happen for two reasons. The first is the improper use of the HCG hormone drops and the other poor dieting. Remember to always consult a doctor before starting any diet, especially one like HCG because of the hormones involved. Dieting should be safe and healthy. Remember to follow the instructions of the dietitian to the letter.

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5 Reasons to Lose Weight Using the HCG Diet

HCG is an award winning diet that was conceived as a result of the extensive research of Dr. Simeons back in the 1950s. Since then the HCG diet has evolved over time and has become a paragon in the world of weight loss and dieting, with avid dieters patronizing it all across the globe. Due to its organic nature, zero side effects the comprehensive 42 day weight loss program is making a big splash in the international arena.

So what makes the HCG diet so special and unique? HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is essentially a hormone found in pregnant women. Dr. Simeons as a result of his studies was able to establish how theHCG hormone restricted pregnant women from consuming excess food while sustaining the requirements of their bodies by converting all the accumulated fat into energy. This novel concept came to be known as the HCG diet.

The HCG hormone is injected or orally given to dieters on a daily basis as part of a diet program, which lasts for 42 days. During this period a dieter can lose as much as 42 pounds, which is equivalent to a pound a day. That being said, the HCG diet programs the person’s metabolism in such a way that even after completion of the course his body continues to burn up all the excess fat.

In this article we shall discuss the top 5 reasons why you should lose weight by using the HCG diet.


  • Rapid and effective weight loss – The unique attribute of the HCG diet is its ability to reduce a person’s weight rapidly and effectively. You can lose as much as 42 pounds and more over the course of the 42 day program. It is the most result oriented weight loss program that has achieved a high success rate since its conception more than 50 years ago.
  • Weight loss is sustainable – Compared to other weight loss programs the HCG diet is unique since even after completion of the 42 day program the dieter’s body continues to burn fat. This is one of the unique selling propositions of the HCG diet that has made it so popular and successful.
  • The HCG diet successfully eliminates hunger – You might call this is unnatural but no, the HCG diet prevents people who are already overweight from eating excessively by reducing their hunger and appetite significantly. This is beneficial in the long run as by quelling hunger you are able to maintain your weight.
  • The HCG diet is safe – With over 50 years of successful weight loss to its credit the HCG diet has proved itself to be a safe and viable way to lose weight. The HCG hormone is a naturally occurring substance that is produced in pregnant women. There has not been a single instance of side effects ever registered from using the HCG diet.
  • Effective and result oriented  – Last but not least, the HCG diet is a comprehensive result oriented program that has achieved a high success rate the world over and has been advocated by the medical fraternity as well as by eminent nutritionists and dieticians alike.

Losing weight in a safe way is the biggest reason why someone should use the HCG Diet. After all, what could be more important than a fit and healthy life?

HCG Diet Package is a great source of information online about HCG, you can also buy hcg directly from the most trusted source on the web there.

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Controlling The HCG Diet With HCG Pellets

Everything invented from the past have all been produced or made as a big model as compared to the models or units that have been produced in these times. If one can recall, the first computer made was huge as compared to the computers that are made today as computers are now the size of small notebook. The same goes with the cell phone units way back then, as they were as big and lumpy as a brick, while the phones today are now smaller than the hand of a person. Thus, every object made by people is now made at a miniature type not only because of the mobility that it creates but also because of the portability of the object.

With that in mind, even the scientific and medicine community have taken notice. This is more and more evident with the prevalence of the tablets and capsules that doctors would prescribe as opposed to the syrups that are available. This is because not only are the tablets and capsules easier to take in, but they are also easier to bring along.

The same ideology was used by Dr. Simeons in developing the HCG diet. The truth is, there are HCG diet reviews that have been circulating that the recent developments made in the HCG diet have had positive effects to the users. That is because the HCG diet has satisfied a lot of its users by helping them shed the weight and also helping them maintain the shape that they are in.

The HCG diet reviews have also been positive especially with the introduction of the HCG pellets. The HCG pellets is a variation of the HCG drops. The pellets, like the drops, are much easier to transport and stock as opposed to the injections that HCG offers. It is also a painless way of taking in HCG as there is no need to inject anything.

The pellets that are supposed to supplement the low calorie diet that every person undergoes while on the HCG diet helps the body consume the energy that are stored in the dormant fat cells of the body, thus, it helps reduce the body fat of a person and keeps it from returning. The advantage of the pellets over the drops is that the pellets give the dieter the exact amount needed in the HCG diet because of the preciseness of the pellet. Also, the pellets last longer than the drops as the pellets come in packs of 40, while the drops would vary with every consumption made.