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Tips for the 6-week Workout Program for Women

Tips for the 6-week Workout Program for Women

·    Preparation
Before you start any kind of gym workout routines for women, you need to consult with your personal physician, especially if you are over 45. In women with heart disease history, it is highly recommended that they undergo an initial EKG test to determine the overall state of health. Another way to measure your cardiac pace is to check whether you can talk easily while performing the exercises.
·    Plan your 6-week workout program
–    All gym workout routines for women start with easy exercises. Put together a routine that includes exercises of various difficulties, over a span of 6 weeks.
–    Measure your heart rate every now and then.
–    Perform difficult exercises every 15 minutes; alternate them with easy ones, so you can catch your breath. Gradually increase the frequency and length of the difficult exercises as you progress with your 6-week workout program.
–    Workout for at least three times a week, or an overall of 90 minutes weekly.
·    Avoid accidents throughout your 6-week workout program
–    Switch back to the initial position after each series of exercises.
–    Use only high quality sport shoes.
–    Wear comfortable clothes made of cotton.
–    When you perform your workout routine outdoors, wear only colorful clothes so you can avoid accidents. In addition, carefully plan your route for workout, considering the street traffic rules.
–    Avoid exercising right after lunch or after you consumed alcohol.
–    Do not push your body too hard if you have flu symptoms.
·    Other useful tips for gym workout routines for women
Always measure the results of your workout, so you can see how far you have come and find motivation. For realistic measurements, you can redo the medical tests and notice how your physical shape has improved.
Exercising alone will not improve your health greatly. In order to get the optimum benefits from the 6 week workout program, you have to quit smoking and follow a diet low in saturated fats and cholesterol.

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Finding The Right Weight Loss Program: The HCG Promise

Obesity and being overweight are really common nowadays especially that even our daily tasks can be just done over the internet.  A simple trip to the grocery and even interaction with friends can just be done online with just a click of the mouse.  Nevertheless, why not use this convenience with a good diet program wherein the information and the diet components can just also be purchased online.  Several hcg weight loss products and kits are available to help you start a good diet program.  Your selection can be from sublingual oral drops, supplements that come in capsules, and the most commonly used injectable hcg shots that can be done intramuscularly.

So what does HCG promise to maintainers of this diet protocol?  First is that Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a natural substance that occurs in the body most especially seen in pregnant women in high concentrations.  This helps the body realize that its calorie requirement has been satisfied thereby redirecting its attention to the stored body fats as a source of energy to fuel your daily activities.  The HCG weight loss protocol should also be done with the help of a 500 calorie diet to make it take effect.  The natural process of converting food into energy will still be present except that the body will also check for other sources of energy by targeting the body fats.

Upon taking in hcg shots or oral drops at minimal doses, make sure to also start your low calorie intake so that you will get faster results.  This is how the HCG diet protocol works in a metabolic process wherein it really changes your body’s daily requirements of nutrients.  It is also one reason why you may have to take special care by determining your current body condition before undertaking this diet protocol.  Understand how the body works and make an assessment if there might be some special needs that your body has to meet everyday especially if you have health conditions that can be directly affected by changes in the diet.  And as you move along with the diet, keep a check of your health status by visiting the doctor’s office for a weekly or monthly checkup.


Use it or Loose it – Motivation for Fast Weight Loss

When engaging in any fitness program whether it be a fast weight loss program or a body building program you need to keep in mind that if you don’t use it you loose it. This can be kind of frustrating and make it seem like you are being counter productive. Don’t loose focus of the fact that if you are working towards an ultimate goal setbacks in one area may mean regressions in another but as a whole you are moving forward.

I like to look at fitness as kind of a rotational system. It is impossible to do it all, there isn’t enough time in the day and even if we did hit all aspects of fitness everyday we would never be able to recover. This is why it is important to rotate through different aspects of fitness.

To make this a little more clear let me explain a little further. It is really pretty simple, rotation just means that during a short period of time, usually 4 – 6 weeks you should choose a focus. This could be hypertrophy, strength gains, losing weight fast, flexibility, or any other area that you want to focus on. There are lots of different areas and niches within the realm of fitness, so choosing one means that you are going to have to neglect another.

I don’t see this as a big deal because most areas of fitness complement each other pretty well. Sure if you are doing a power lifting workout you will be negatively effecting your marathon running ability but in the long run you will be stronger and better adept at running a marathon.

Use it or loose it is a simple concept that when embraced can open your eyes to the necessity of needing to vary your training to develop the full package. I am sure you have all observed people in the gym that never seem to make any progress. This is usually due to the fact that they are not making any adaptations or changes to their workouts.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are you need to learn to rotate your exercises as well as your diet for optimal gains. You may be getting ready for a fast weight loss plan but this does not mean that you shouldn’t be looking further down the road.