The Importance of Nutrition Before and After Workout

Individuals often ask for recommendations on the types of food to consume before and after their workout. The reason for this is that an individual’s food intake and its proportions before and after hitting the gym are important in the growth and recovery of the muscles. Nutrition before and after a fitness routine is the key to developing lean muscle and getting rid of unwanted fats.

Nutrition before Work Out
Eating a good meal before working out can significantly impact a person’s endurance, stamina and strength while exercising. The is quite possibly the best pre workout supplement you can get in lieu of shakes and powders. While most people put their focus on post workout meals, fitness experts say that this can do more harm than good. It has been shown that people who eat before workout can stay longer in the gym and do more routines than those who exercise on an empty stomach.

Because of the time required for digestion, people are recommended to eat an hour or two before working out. The right meal should combine simple carbohydrates and protein plus a good amount of water. The recommended sources of simple carbohydrates include fruits and vegetables. A small amount of complex carbohydrates may also be added in the form of oatmeal, yams or brown rice. To obtain the right amount of protein, eating eggs or drinking protein shake will suffice. A low sugar protein bar is also a great way to eat something that combines carbohydrates and protein in one. Finally, drinking plenty amounts of water before working out is highly essential. This helps in preventing low levels of energy and cramps during training.

Nutrition after Work Out
An individual’s nutrition after workout is as necessary as the meal taken before workout. Post-workout meals must only consist of carbohydrates and protein. The right timing for this meal is about half an hour to one hour after working out. The best sources of protein at this time are a combination of whey protein shake, eggs, chicken and fish. All these are easily absorbed by the digestive system which makes them effective in providing the most important nutrients to the muscles.

Carbohydrates are also essential as they help restore the glycogen needed by the muscle to prevent its breakdown after working out. The right sources of carbohydrates such as brown rice, wheat bread and oatmeal are necessary to move the nutrients to the tissues of the muscles in the quickest possible time.

Proper nutrition before and after work out is very important. Without it, a person’s efforts to muscle building may just be useless. Thus, careful planning of one’s meals is a must for the achievement of one’s workout goals.

Protein Shakes: A Brief Review on How Good It Is For You

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Protein shakes is one important factor for the muscle growth and tissue repair. It is a vital factor for cell functions. However, protein is not only known for its basic importance. Protein has been quite rampant to supply the body with efficient food to build up muscle groups along with proper exercise. Protein shakes are good example of high-protein source in a very satisfying and convenient way.

When an individual does a physical exercise to gain muscle mass, the muscle works does not totally stop when you stop working out. After a few minutes of rigid workouts, the muscles still develops and works for you even if you are already resting. In this particular time window, you are ought to feed you body with enough protein to supply the muscles with enough food for optimal muscle growth.

Protein shakes has became a great source of protein because it is pretty easy to prepare and the protein content is simply abundant. It can be quite satisfying and delicious too. During workouts, some individuals carry with them their protein shakes to feed their body with the right amount of protein while getting their body in shape.

After workouts, a person may feel tired and extremely hungry. Experts say that you can’t have a heavy meal after workout. However, protein shakes will come in handy to fulfill your tummy and supplying your body with enough protein as well. It is actually the most outstanding alternative for food. Protein shakes can supply enough energy source needed for a heavy physical activity and can also be a good factor is repairing muscles that are worn out with workouts.

The recommended consumption of daily protein intake is only about 45-50 grams per day. This can be quite achieved with the help of protein shakes. Protein shakes have a lot of types and sources and most are from plant or dairy origin which is healthier than those from animal’s meat. You can actually choose from whey, soy, milk or eggs. These are rich in protein. Some products are also available in the market for ready to mix protein shakes powder for a lot more easier preparation.

However, there are also claims and discussions in terms of protein shakes disadvantages. Some people who are quite allergic or hypersensitive to these products may manifest too much gas formation. Lactose intolerance can also be contraindicated with milk and dairy protein shakes. Studies also shows that too much protein in the diet can actually decrease calcium production and absorption which may lead to serious bone disorders. It is still advisable to seek advice from professionals before engaging in protein shakes and protein diet.

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