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Loving Food and the South Beach Diet

You can still love food and be on the South Beach Diet, especially if you use an appetite suppressant.  This diet has three phases like the Atkins Diet.  The first phase is geared for ending food cravings.  The second phase zeroes in on long term and steady weight loss.  The third phase is the lifestyle phase.

This diet is very flexible and adaptable.  It is doctor designed diet and fool proof weight loss diet.  In 1995 Dr. Agatston developed this diet for his cardiac and diabetes patients.

This diet not only keeps the heart healthy, but aids in weight loss.  Dr. Agatston believes the diet debates are over.  Low fat diets did not distinguish between good carbs (whole fruits, vegetables and grains) and bad carbs (those containing white process flour, sugar and starches).  The low-fat, high carb diets tend to leave people hungry.   People were not getting the heart-healthy polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids found in fish or the monounsaturated fats found in foods like avocados, olive oil and walnuts.

Mayo Clinic views the South Beach Diet to be one of the commercial diets.  The clinic believe that this diet does not have long-term results.  It is no more effective than the standard high carbohydrate diets.  Most important thing to watch in weight loss is the number of calories.  Loosing weight rapidly in the beginning is about loosing water and not fat.  Exercise has got to be a part of the diet plan.  This diet does not take into consideration the health conditions of the dieter.  The restrictive phase of the South Beach diet may discourage the dieter.

The bonus to this diet is its website.  On the South Beach website is the following:

  • Daily meal plans
  • Has teamed with Kraft foods with prepared foods like meal replacement bars
  • No cost involved
  • Exercise and Fitness Club with different exercises recommended for each phase
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Forums

The diet includes snacks, which are a must. There is no counting calories or strict portion sizes. The South Beach Diet promises that a person will eat less, but better food.

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Four Day Diet

Four Day Diet

From the name of the diet, it’s difficult to know what you are in for when you begin. Do you eat for only 4 days and then stop? Do you drop all the weight you desire in four days? Just keep reading this article to find out the secret behind this diet plan from the works of Dr. Ian Smith.

You may be familiar with Dr Ian Smith or you may not. He developed the 50 Million Pound Challenge in the past. With this challenge he asked Americans with to lose weight and fight obesity. Many individuals have been encouraged to alter their lifestyles due to this challenge from Dr Smith.

The 4 Day diet works to train your body to eat better. The plan contains 7 modules which run for four days apiece. Changing food selections will stop boredom from affecting your success like it does with numerous other diet plans that stress eating similar products routinely.

Module One

The strictest period is contained in the first module. It’s suggestive of the popular South Beach diet. This is the induction module of the diet plan. You will eat foods that are intended to detoxify your body. It’s like this: before you can retrain your body you will need to get rid of what’s already in your system. The foods and meals encouraged during this module are detailed in the book.

Module Two

The 2nd module is when habits for eating begin to shift. New foods are introduced including grains and vegetables. You realize that you are on a diet, but you do not feel deprive. You are teaching your body to become fulfilled eating healthier.

Module Three

The following module brings in protein. The best health guidelines advocate consuming lean meats, fish wealthy in omega-3 fatty acids, and dairy products like eggs and milk. The protein in this phase helps to build muscle fibers.

Module Four

The fourth module presents a break and allows you to eat what you want. Although the diet does stress moderation as 4 days of pizza, burgers, fries, and soda pops could lead to poor eating habits beyond the four days. Also, realizing that you only have four days to eat this style of food might cause you to go crazy and eat above a normal calorie intact. This would set you back and cancel any weight loss up till that time.

Module Five

The fifth module is a return to a stricter eating regimen. It will combat the effects of module four and reminds you of how you really should eat. This phase appears to work for many on the diet.

Module Six

Module six and seven also contain limitations. This arrangement encompasses almost a complete month. The seven modules can be finished once or rapidly until you drop as much weight as you desire.

Plus you will not get bored with the food selection and any ingredients you acquire for meals will eventually be consumed. For the person experienced with cooking, there is a good amount of preparation involved. For the most part this diet is intended to meet your nutritional needs. Regular switching could be a problem for a few folks

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