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Advice On Losing Weight and Getting Fit

Every few years weight loss advice evolves. This often leads to a shift in how people exercise or diet to lose weight. Past examples are the rise of aerobics for fitness during the 1980’s and the greater understanding of the role or protein for athletics.

One of the biggest shifts in recent years started after Professor Izumi Tabata published his paper on his research in variable intensity and fitness. The paper was called “Effects of moderate-intensity endurance and high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO2max”.

Dr. Tabata found that when people exercised to a higher intensity for short periods of time they greatly increased their fitness levels, as measured by VO2 Max levels, and also this had a knock on effect of aiding weight loss. Tabata training workouts are now a very popular way to increase fitness and to lose weight.

These findings gave rise to a whole new way of exercising. Gone was the “fat burning zone”, where people would exercise for hours at a relatively low intensity in the belief that they would burn more fat. In came high intensity interval training, often shortened to HIIT.

All of a sudden people were interspersing their long and boring cardio sessions with short and intensive sprint intervals. The greatest thing about this new form of training was not just that it got you fitter and helped you to burn more fat, but you could complete your workouts much quicker. Rather than performing 60 minutes on the exercise bike you would now exercise for no more than 30 minutes, with around 10 sprint intervals in each workout.

Health and fitness clubs soon caught on to this idea. Soon there were exercise classes designed specifically to utilize these new theories. Spinning classes, where a group of people exercise on stationary bicycles together, suddenly sprung up all around the country. In spinning classes the instructor leads the class and takes the exercisers through a series of increasingly more intense workouts, including sprints and hill climbs. All designed to boost fitness and burn more fat.

Soon other “old school” types of exercise also started to become more popular. One example is martial arts. Martial arts classes have always involved a high intensity interval training system, although it was just never called that by name. The nature of the classes with intensive exercise drills, sparring and pad work means that as you exercise you go through periods of extreme activity which are then followed by rest, or at least relative rest.

Although the basic principals of exercise and weight loss remain the same, sports science is teaches us to become more efficient in the way we exercise.

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Using the York C202 Cycle to Lose Weight and Burn Calories

The York C202 Cycle is one of the most popular exercise bikes on the market and is helping thousands of people in the country not only to lose weight and burn calories, but also to have fun and create themselves a healthier lifestyle.  The reason people buy the York C202 Cycle is because it is a very cheap exercise bike, but also extremely good quality and comes with some great features that make exercising more fun than it really should be.

How the York C202 Cycle helps you lose weight

OK, so you know how an exercise bike works and might have some pre-conceived ideas about them.  Well, it’s not just about pedalling like mad and hoping the weight will fall off.  There’s a website called Exercise Bike Planet that contains exercise bike reviews and prices and we were initially looking for York C101 cycle prices – this is the lower-end model, but we saw the York C202 Cycle and fell in love with that instead.

York C202 Cycle comes with lots of cool features

The thing with the York C202 Cycle is its sheer breadth of functionality and data that is available at your fingertips with the little computer screen it has near the handlebars.  We love this tool, and it is this that motivates us to lose weight.  The reason being is simple – it lets you set your targets for fitness, which means you can track your progress and continually try to improve yourself.

Track your progress with the York C202 computer

Some of the numbers you can track on the screen include how far you have pedalled for and the speed you were travelling at.  For a real insight into how you are doing you can also look at the amount of calories that you are burning in each session as well as your heart rate which is recorded using the pulse sensors in the handlebars for beats per minute.  Just being able to view these figures lets you improve yourself because every day you can strive to beat your previous best.  This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get fit and lose weight with an exercise bike – and the York C202 Cycle really does do it all.

How much does a York C202 Cycle cost?

Prices vary so make sure you Google the website Exercise Bike Planet and on there you will be able to find the best deals and a price comparison on this exercise bike.  Ultimately we would really recommends this fitness cycle, and if you like spinning at the gym then you really cannot go far wrong with getting a York C202 cycle and exercise bike.

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Cheap Spinning Bikes Can Help With Weight Loss

Losing weight and getting fit with an exercise bike, which is sometimes called a spinning bike isn’t as hard as you might think it might be and can be a great asset to any fitness regime.  If your health goals are to lose weight, rid yourself of unwanted pounds, and get some increased muscle tone then cheap spinning bikes should be an option to consider.  We’ve put a quick and short guide together which will help you to decide whether or not this type of product is for you.

Losing weight with a home fitness program

Spinning Bikes and exercise bikes are used the world over by people exercising at home.  The reason being is that they are very portable and are easy to hide away when you are not using them.  Many are designed to be foldaway and the smaller low-end models can be packed into a cupboard or even slid underneath a bed for ease of storage.  If you like in a small confined space or apartment then this will be an absolute blessing.

Upright Exercise Bikes

The most common style available to buy are upright exercise bikes.  They are styled like a bicycle so most people have no problems adapting as how to use them.  You simply get on it and start pedalling.  The benefits are immediate and cardio vascular activity can increase hugely if you just work out for thirty minutes a day.  You should also notice increased muscle strength, tone, and stamina, not to mention burning plenty of calories.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

The type you may have seen on the market when reading recumbent exercise bike reviews are recumbent models.  So called because you sit down in them like you would a chair, in a reclined position.  They are generally a bit more pricey and cost more, but are suited to those that are very overweight or have any inherent back problems.  Although they will help you to get fit they won’t tend to work you upper body as much as a stationary upright bike.

Will I lose weight though?

That really is you call, after all you will be exercising on your own so you will need to motivate yourself.  A spinning bike though is a perfect tool to help with part of a weight loss program, so if you buy one, you can start today!

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