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8 Effective Natural Remedies for Stress

Stress.  It’s a little word that no one likes to deal with. Unfortunately, stress is a real part of life.  Everyone, regardless of who they are, endures stress at some point in their lives.  Long periods of exposure to stress can cause you to age quicker and die younger as it is linked to many of the diseases that are common killers in society today.  Are you looking to relieve some of the stress you are feeling?  The following are 8 effective natural remedies that can help you relax a little.

  • ExerciseYou already knew this one was coming.  Exercising is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it help fight diseases, give you more energy, and make you feel better, it also helps relieve stress that builds up throughout the day. If you are feeling weighed down by stress, go for a long brisk walk to release some of it.  The more you exercise throughout the week, the better you will feel.
  • Utilize Your Support System. There are people in life who are willing to be a shoulder for you to lean on. Whether it’s your spouse, your children, parents, or a close friend, it is good to have a support system during the times when the stress accumulates. Have weekly venting sessions with a friend or some time alone with your spouse to help reduce your stress level. They can often offer advice for you on whatever it is that you are going through. More importantly, you will feel like you aren’t going through it alone.
  • Find ways to have a little fun.  Relieving stress is forgetting about it. Find a party to attend, go to a movie, or go out to eat with friends and have a little fun.  If you find ways to get the stress off your mind, you can have a little peace if only for a little while.
  • Eat a healthy diet. A healthy diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle.  There are certain foods that you can eat to help you overcome stress. Celery, cherries, and lettuce are all foods that are associated with relieving stress.  These fruits and veggies acts as sedatives that can help relax you.  Fill up your fridge with food that can make you feel good.
  • Bubble baths really do work. Soothe you stress away in a big bathtub full of warm water and bubbles.  Spend some time doing absolutely nothing!  Light some candles and play some soft music for an added touch.  Put a do not disturb sign outside your door so that your kids know that you are having some much needed time to yourself.
  • Remind yourself of your life goals and purpose.  What’s your purpose in life? Have you met your life goals yet?  You can reduce some of the stress by reminding yourself that there is more to life than just your problems.  What you are going through now will pass.  Remind yourself of this frequently and hang on until it passes.
  • Talk with you pastor or mentor in life.  If you attend church, there may be someone that you can ask advice and help you pray through the stress.  Many people find peace by praying to God that the situation will be quickly resolved.  Praying gives a peace and relaxing that works wonderfully for relieving stress.
  • Are there things in your life that you can eliminate?  If you are a parent and are stressed out, you are among the many that have day to day duties that add to it.  Look for ways to eliminate stress through daily activities.  Perhaps your child can choose to play only one sport rather than being involved in all of them.  The extracurricular activities of your children can be a major cause of stress. What can you eliminate?

Life is full of ups and downs. There will be times when you have to find ways to deal with stress. Tuning to doctors is not the only option for reducing the level of stress in your life.  Use the tips above as natural remedies to help you get rid of the stress.

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5 Ways to Keep You Stress Free While Dieting

Recent studies by the medical community have established the link between stress and heart diseases in overweight individuals. Hence, the more stressed out an individual is, the more likely are the chances of him suffering a heart attack, which is triggered on by stress. Also, stress has been found to impede weight loss in an individual. This makes it necessary to stay stress free if you are a participant of the HCG diet program in order to achieve effective weight loss. Here are some useful tips to stay stress free while on the HCG diet.

  • ExerciseExercise is one of the best and most effective stress busters. Involving yourself in a regular physical workout can expend a great amount of pent up stress from your body. This would prevent the build up of lactic acid in your body and prevent you from obesity related diseases that affect the heart and kidneys.
  • Yoga – Meditation is a holistic way to relieve your body of stress while on the HCG diet. Dedicate a certain amount of time everyday to practice yoga. This would channel all the unwanted stress and convert it into positive energy, which would relax and soothen your body and mind.
  • Positive frame of mind – One of the most essential things to do while on the HCG diet is to cultivate a positive frame of mind. Thinking positively can solve a whole host of problems including stress. A positive mindset would also goad you on to accomplish your objective and make your weight loss endeavor a success.
  • Introspect – At times during the HCG diet you might experience a bit of stress due to your constant craving for food. Take some time out to introspect and ask yourself the objective behind what you are trying to accomplish. Losing weight and looking good again is an excellent reason that would spur you on and help you beat stress.
  • Avoid stress foods – There are certain foods that can cause stress and pressure in an individual. These are often foods that are high in saturated fats and calories. Junk food such as burgers, hot dogs etc should be avoided at all cost while on the HCG diet. Apart from preventing you to lose weight, consuming these foods would raise the blood pressure in the body, leading to the build up stress.

Engaging yourself in creative pursuits is another great way to beat stress while on the HCG diet. Painting or learning a musical instrument are some very holistic ways of channeling the pent up energy in the body and regulating the levels of stress. Activities such as reading or listening to music can have a very calming effect on the body and prevent the onset of stress.

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The Sublingual Advantage

Coping with the stress and pressures of our daily tasks can take its toll on our body, we can easily feel run down or overly exhausted at the end of a long day. If you belong in this population, then you better start thinking about increasing your doses of vitamin b12 as your regular coffee is clearly not enough to sustain your energy throughout the day. Unknowingly, fatigue, petulance and depression are already tell tale signs that your body is lacking in this essential nutrient. As such, you need to start considering taking vitamin b12 as part of your diet to ensure that you can always be at the top of your game. In choosing the type of b12 supplement to take, you can ask your doctor about the the sublingual form as they can readily boost your energy and significantly improve your mood. In addition, their effects lasts longer and are easily absorbed by the body as opposed to the oral tablet types.

Sublingual vitamins are tiny lozenges placed under the tongue, similar to the liquid vitamin b guide, they are easily ingested by the body but instead of going through the digestive tracts, the nutrients pass directly through the bloodstream. It is recommended that you take them before you start your stressful day so you can easily control and calm your mood swings while at the same time spike up your energy in anticipation for your work load.

In addition, this vitamin can also help individuals cope with depressive symptoms as they provide your brain with key nutrients to help it function properly. The many benefits of vitamin b12, b complex supplement and the efficacy of sublingual vitamins have long been recognized by medical experts, psychiatrists and therapists as potent stress aggressors and mood enhancers. They are the best way to fend off fatigue and keep you on your toes all day, everyday.

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How to Shed Off Your Belly Fat

How to Shed Off Your Belly Fat

Recently, a survey was conducted asking American readers to vote for the body part that they least like. The result is overwhelmingly high for belly. There is more to the flabby belly, however, than not looking your best in a swimwear.

Causes and Ill Effects of Belly Fat:

The two primary reasons for having belly fat are unhealthy eating habits (like eating junk food) and no time for exercise. Trans fat and stress brought about by working late in the office also help pile up the inches in the midsection of our body.

A stigma in American society is the reality that Americans are workaholics. We work to the bones. Everyday, more and more people are being sleep deprived and stressed because our nation is a nation of winners and hard workers, therefore, putting pressure on the average office employee.

Seemingly harmless, belly fat can pose a risk on your health. Studies have shown that a large presence of belly fat in our body leads to cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, and some types of cancer. It is best to watch your weight to avoid frequent visits to your family physician.

Tips to Burn Belly Fat:

The following are tips that can help you lose inches off your waist:

  • Avoid Trans Fats: An American University study has recently shown that Trans fat is one of the leading reasons for the accumulation of belly fat as well as cardiovascular diseases.
  • Get More Sleep: Studies state that people who lack sleep (sleeping for only four hours a day) are likely to become obese compared to people who get enough sleep (seven o nine hours).
  • Proper Stress Management: Our body releases a variety of hormones such as cortisol, insulin and adrenaline when we are stressed. High levels of cortisol in the body leads to increased appetite, food consumption and creation of fat, thus more fat in the stomach area.

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Overcoming The Bad Habit Of Emotional Eating

Overcoming The Bad Habit Of Emotional Eating

Eating is one of our basic functions in order to survive. It can be bad for us though if we get overboard and gain much weight. One of the causes for this is emotional eating.

Emotional eating is an outcome of stress. It ends with the scale but begins largely on the mind. When we get stressed or feel down, our brain looks for a way to cope with it. Some people sleep, others tend to eat.

Food is the best solution for some people because it is almost guilt-free. Eating seems like a lesser evil compared to taking drugs or binge drinking. It is a coping mechanism that doesn’t judge people, hurt them or reject them. A scientific reason why food is preferable is because it makes feel better as some foods are endorphin-releasers.

Food is used to relieve stress. Stressors range from mundane things like overtime at work to more grave ones like death or physical abuse.

How do you know if you’re using food as a coping mechanism? One of the first sign is weight gain. If you have been experiencing weight gain due to stress, then you might want to examine other aspects of your life such as:

  • Have you been stressed lately at home or in the office?
  • Have you been in a traumatic experience the past year?

  • Are you finding difficulties in solving a problem?

If your answer is yes, then you might be an emotional eater. You tend to eat even if you’re not hungry. The term used to describe the food you eat when stressed is “comfort food.” These include:

  • Foods rich in fats like French fries and other fried foods
  • Foods rich in carbohydrates like pasta and mashed potatoes

  • Sweets like ice cream, cookies, cake and doughnuts

  • Emotional eating has a cure though. The first step is by identifying that you are an emotional eater. Feelings of helplessness that you can’t find a way out of the habit, and guilt that you might be doing something that is bad for you rule emotional eating.

    The second step is by seeking professional help. Stopping emotional eating depends much on controlling your behavior toward food and your emotions.

    Visualization, problem solving, meditation and relaxation techniques and family support are things a counselor will suggest to you. Visualization will help you look at food as something that you need to survive because of its nutritional value, not as a scapegoat from your problems.

    Notifying your family of your problems will be of great help to you as they will learn about your stressors. They can also help you monitor your eating habits, and help you make healthy choices.

    Proper diet, exercise routines, and yoga will also be suggested to you by a counselor as they increase the strength of your immune system, positive thinking and blood flow. Yoga enhances the mind and body connection so you won’t think of eating when you’re not even hungry..

    Looking for ways to face your problems and deal with them will push emotional eating out of the equation. You’ll feel good about it once you’ve overcome food dependence.