How The African Mango Supplement Works

About African Mango

Deep in the rainforests of Cameroon in Western Africa grows a tree called Irvingia Gabonensis, the Latin name for African Mango. The tree bears a fleshy yellow fruit, from which the contents of the seed are extracted. This is what we call the much sought after, African Mango Supplement.

For centuries, natives of Cameroon and surrounding countries have used the African Mango or Bush Mango as they call it, for many purposes, including medicinal and everyday cooking. Every part of the tree and fruit are used, including the bark, kernels, leaves and roots. These parts are utilized for many purposes, including analgesics, antimicrobials, gastrointestinal disturbances and antioxidants.

The Components Of African Mango Seed Extract

The seed extract, or African Mango diet is becoming one of the most sought after weight loss interventions of our time. Irvingia is completely natural, with no stimulants, chemicals or by products. What is African Mango’s secret?  It contains copious amounts of vitamins, nutrients and other natural elements which precipitate the loss of body fat, boost our metabolism, lower our cholesterol and blood sugar and regulate hormones that are vital to the weight loss process.

Some of the vitamins and nutrients contained in the African Mango weight loss diet are: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and iron. Our vitamin “B” group: thiamin, riboflavin and iron. the antioxidant beta- carotene, fatty acids, amino acids and a high content of fiber, which helps to lower our cholesterol (LDL) and rid our body of toxins.

Two other very important elements of African Mango diet are: Leptin, a protein hormone that tells our brain when our bodies are full and Adiponectin, another hormone that controls our cellular activity to insulin, expending glucose which lowers our blood sugar, stimulating our metabolism and igniting thermogenesis. This causes our body to burn actual fat, so we are not just losing water weight, but getting rid of the unhealthy belly fat that plagues us so often.

Are There Any Side Effects?

According to African Mango Reviews, there are no notable side effects in this diet. A very few participants of clinical studies complained of minor headaches, flatulence and a dry mouth. These symptoms dissipated after a day or two, and may have been associated with dieting alone.

Jacked Supplement: Hand in Hand with a Well-Executed Plan

When putting together a healthy lifestyle, it is important to educate yourself about how the body metabolizes and why it is important to enhance your metabolism as much as you are able. Those that remain on the straight and narrow of good health learn quickly how to put into practice practical healthy eating habits and scheduled exercise.

While there is no perfect workout/dieting program that applies to everyone equally, there are true principles that should be taken into account when formulating your own daily routine. Your diet is the first place you should start your weight loss efforts. Concentrating on what in your diet is causing weight gain and learning how to balance your fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, dairies, and so forth through small and frequent meals, will go a long way in burning fat and increasing the overall health of your body.

After organizing a dieting effort and sticking with your guns, you need to put together an exercise program that is suited for your needs and desires. The kind of body you want will greatly influence the decisions you make when picking or forming your own workout. It always helps to learn about the human anatomy and how the body works when considering what you want to look like. Keeping a healthy image in mind and not some impossible form on a magazine cover is crucial in maintaining healthy changes in your lifestyle. If you do not do this, you will quickly be disappointed and will lose interest in continuing the process of becoming healthy.

After you initiate a healthy workout plan side by side with your healthy diet, you can start to use Jacked supplemental products. These Jacked supplements can help increase your body’s performance and stimulate natural processes within the body to happen quicker and longer.

The Three Stages To Effective Weight Loss

Many products on the market today offer consumers the promise of rapid weight loss without exerting much effort themselves. Such promises are often fanciful and only lead to disappointment and discouragement and the belief that no weight loss product can deliver on its promises. However, there are products available that make realistic promises and can actually deliver on them. In order to take advantage of such products it is important for consumers to know what to look for in a product and to be aware of the properties which lead to effective weight loss.

First and foremost, the suppression of appetite can be of great advantage to those who are attempting to lose weight. This property enables individuals to avoid snacking between meals and to avoid over-indulging at mealtimes. Without strong, recurring cravings for food it is much easier to concentrate on more important things than food. However, consumers should be cautious when selecting products that suppress the appetite. Acai Berry weight loss programs are based on a safe and healthy product that suppresses the appetite using only naturally occurring substances. Products that use artificial chemicals to achieve the same result can be potentially harmful.

Secondly, the boosting of the body’s energy levels can also be of great benefit to those trying to lose weight. Although in its own right this property cannot deliver weight loss results it is of considerable benefit. Those with higher energy levels tend to be significantly more motivated than those who are lethargic and sluggish. This can be of great benefit when seeking the motivation to pursue a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet but particularly useful when trying to increase participating in exercise. Acai Berry weight loss is often augmented by this useful boost of energy levels. Dietary supplements including the Acai Berry often provide this boost of energy but again, when seeking alternatives to the Acai Berry consumers should ensure that such properties are naturally occurring and free from chemical stimulants.

Thirdly and finally, increasing the body’s metabolism through improving the efficiency of the digestive system can deliver significant advantages to the weight loss cause. An efficient digestive system can process food at a faster rate and more effectively dispose of waste products. Natural products which are free from artificial additives such as the Acai Berry often provide this benefit to the metabolism and deliver Acai Berry weight loss results and improved digestion. Aside from the weight loss benefits an improved metabolism has general health and lifestyle benefits.

It is of critical importance that when choosing a weight loss product consumers look for supplements which offer weight loss advantages through natural substances. Products that offer suppression of the appetite, a boost to energy levels and a higher metabolism can produce considerable weight loss benefits and combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise can deliver real results. However, consumers should be cautious when considering weight loss products that deliver these properties when they are not naturally occurring within the supplement. At the very least such additives are not beneficial for general health but in some instances can be extremely harmful.


This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Which Acai Berry? James writes on a number of subjects including health, weight loss and fitness.

PAGG stack supplement shipping to Asia

Asian readers of Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Body book were far from surprised by the emphasis on the use of natural herbal supplements, to maximize the potential effectiveness of the slow carb diet.  After all, Eastern cultures have been pioneers of herbal and natural health wisdom for many thousands of years.  Knowledge of this area has traditionally flowed from East to West – with purveyors of Traditional Chinese Medicine and ancient healing techniques traveling to distant parts of Europe and the New World to share their wisdom and remedies… now, in a very holistic symmetry, there is a herbal discovery making its way from West to East, by USPS First Class mail.

The PAGG stack supplement is the unique combination of Policosanol, Alpha-lipoic acid, aged Garlic extract blended with Green tea flavanols (ECGC), which Ferriss spent more than10 years refining before launching the formula in his latest book.  It was bound to appeal specifically to readers in Asia – not least because of their appreciation of the unique approach of stacking ingredients together.  All of the substances have their own well-documented uses in digestion and weight control, but it is when taken simultaneously that their effect is magnified synergistically, giving rise to a combined effect that is considerably greater than the sum of the parts involved.

However, until recently, this ‘stack’ effect has been difficult to optimize in Asia, because of the lack of availability of a prepared combined supplement.  Creating one’s own combination using different brands of capsules, tablets and herbs has always been a tricky business – getting the doses right to Ferriss’ precisely-refined recommendation is hard enough, not to mention the quality issues (such as using the biologically-active R-ALA, instead of the cheaper racemic mixture.  There are absorption issues to consider too, because the effect of the stack is optimized when the ingredients are released and digested completely simultaneously… Even in a culture knowledgeable and experienced with herbal supplements, there are a lot of complex and expensive things to get right with PAGG.

Great news then for Asian Four Hour Body fans, that Pareto Nutrition are now shipping their high-quality combined PAGG stack supplement directly to users in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, China and Singapore.  Offering the best quality ingredients in their iconic red and blue capsules (which don’t just look cool, but also preserve the volatile ingredients in perfect condition), Pareto are also offering FREE international shipping for a limited time.  With delivery rates of 10-12 days being achieved without customs hold-ups, happy clients across Asia are quickly getting used to the weight-loss edge the PAGG stack supplement supplies, and achieving their body recomposition goals with greater speed and reduced effort.

Dieting and Supplements: Nature Acai

Dieting and Supplements: Nature Acai

Everybody wants to look slim, smart and healthy. But achieving this goal is many times an unachievable target for those who do not plan their weight loss program properly. What you need to understand is that you need a good and effective diet supplement to lose your weight and get the perfect body you’ve always dreamed of because supplements would help you reach your goals in a super quick time.

To choose a supplement amongst so many options available today, you need to first analyze and evaluate your current needs and your desired results. For instance, if you want something that would effectively block the absorption of dietary fats, then your obvious choice would be a fat blocker. Similarly, for different needs, there are different supplements available in the market.

So don’t just waste your time and money on anything that comes by. Do a little research and choose a dietary supplement that would help stimulate weight loss the way you want it to.

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