Instituting a Family Fitness Time

Instituting a Family Fitness Time

Physical activity is a very important aspect of everyone’s daily life. Exercise is not always meant for losing weight or getting oneself ripped. Instituting a family fitness time is a great way to remain healthy and at the same time be more with the family.

Nowadays, our kids are also very busy. They need to do after school activities, homework, meet their friends, etc. And same is true for us too. Family time is quite important when we wish to get together. Even though you have a busy schedule, ensuring to have family time is important, and it would be great to make that time give you double benefit!

Out of your busy schedule, getting some time to serve a dual purpose is really a boon in disguise. A great idea would be to get the whole family assembled together for an exercise session rather than you trying to do it alone. This way, you not only get the time to meet each other, but everybody also gets the required physical activity.

Increasing Motivation and Making Everyone Accountable

The major hardship of exercising alone is the lack of accountability or motivation. Sometimes your friends may join you, but they too have families. However, all your family members can motivate each other in your workouts. It altogether becomes a fun family time instead of a chore as it is tackled together.

Benefits of family fitness time:

• Everybody participates together and attains better fitness

• There is positive challenge between each other

• You become more aware of importance of better eating habits

• It can be easily handled within your schedules

There is 24/7 constant support for you. You can even extend your earlier 30 minutes to one hour sessions if you want. Few suggestions for whole-family workouts:

• Try a DVD/video workout session

• Go together on bike riding

• Do weight lifting together

• Enjoy playing video games and allow people to leave in-between

Everybody can choose his/her favorite exercise and introduce it to the whole family members. You can let different person to lead the workout session on different days. Everybody remains involved and gets benefits from the group exercises.

Weight training can be allowed for both young and old. You, your spouse, and your kids can work in unison, and together you can grow stronger. When everybody is involved, then a specific area in the house can be fixed for it. Dumbbells take only a little space and are not very expensive. It is important to keep different weight amounts so that people of different age can use the right weight comfortably.

Don’t have any time for exercise during the busy day? There is chance that other people in your family might also have limited time but need physical exercise.  You can decide to work out together with your family members and fix up a time for exercise to remain healthy. You not only get benefited by being healthier, but you also help your loved ones to do the same, and get the chance of spending the much-needed quality time together.

Three Great Weight Loss Tips

Don’t worry about others all the time. Living trying to make everybody happy is  requires a tremendous amount of effort, which most of the times turns out to be fruitless and bad for our appearance.  In spite of all our best intentions, there will always be something we do or say that someone around us will not like. If we let this cause frustration, tension and a sense of guilt, we are handing ourselves over to weight issues. The solution to this is not becoming selfish, but becoming autonomous. Your weight loss motivation will be higher than ever and losing weight will be easier.

Disguise yourself, not only when it’s Halloween. We all have been tired of our “character” at least once. Tired of saying yes, or no all the time, or following our sense of duty and our principles. Being too strict never pays off, and our body always knows better. “Hard” mind in a “soft” body is not the ideal situation. Learn how to be different from time to time, get out of your normal role, surprise the people around you. Your scales will confirm that it works.

Only answer when you are asked. A large body often comes with a large ego, which tends to invade other people’s spaces, and imposes upon other personalities, unsolicited. Answer this question honestly: do you answer to questions you are not asked? Do you tend to do things in place of someone else? Do you interfere with choices that are not up to you? Do you give advice or comment on anything all the time? If this is the scenario, it is time to mind your own business: downsize your ego and your body will follow.

They don’t look like weight loss tips at first sight, but I followed them over the last three years with excellent results on my waistline.