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Tips for the 6-week Workout Program for Women

Tips for the 6-week Workout Program for Women

·    Preparation
Before you start any kind of gym workout routines for women, you need to consult with your personal physician, especially if you are over 45. In women with heart disease history, it is highly recommended that they undergo an initial EKG test to determine the overall state of health. Another way to measure your cardiac pace is to check whether you can talk easily while performing the exercises.
·    Plan your 6-week workout program
–    All gym workout routines for women start with easy exercises. Put together a routine that includes exercises of various difficulties, over a span of 6 weeks.
–    Measure your heart rate every now and then.
–    Perform difficult exercises every 15 minutes; alternate them with easy ones, so you can catch your breath. Gradually increase the frequency and length of the difficult exercises as you progress with your 6-week workout program.
–    Workout for at least three times a week, or an overall of 90 minutes weekly.
·    Avoid accidents throughout your 6-week workout program
–    Switch back to the initial position after each series of exercises.
–    Use only high quality sport shoes.
–    Wear comfortable clothes made of cotton.
–    When you perform your workout routine outdoors, wear only colorful clothes so you can avoid accidents. In addition, carefully plan your route for workout, considering the street traffic rules.
–    Avoid exercising right after lunch or after you consumed alcohol.
–    Do not push your body too hard if you have flu symptoms.
·    Other useful tips for gym workout routines for women
Always measure the results of your workout, so you can see how far you have come and find motivation. For realistic measurements, you can redo the medical tests and notice how your physical shape has improved.
Exercising alone will not improve your health greatly. In order to get the optimum benefits from the 6 week workout program, you have to quit smoking and follow a diet low in saturated fats and cholesterol.

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AeroBox: a New Way to a Stronger and Slimmer Body

Quite recently a new workout routine has arrived in the world of fitness: AeroBox. Introduced in the 90s, it has become immensely popular again. AeroBox is a combination of traditional aerobics with elements of boxing including punching, kicking and dodging. It’s also a unique intermediate to advanced workout that’s great for cross-training purposes. The classes are from conventional as they allow toning of muscles, shaping of the body and above all, they also work to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Recent studies have proven that if you attend AeroBox classes regularly, it greatly improves the efficiency and functioning of lungs and heart which, indeed, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. But that’s just one benefit of taking advantage of AeroBox.

The workout routine during the classes contributes to a significant development of strength, elasticity, torque and vibration of bones, joints, ligaments and tendons. As a result, muscle tone and flexibility is increased and you also reduce the risk of getting injured. Not only does AeroBox strengthen your vital organs and work on your legs, arms, and abdomen, but it also relieves stress, as the training involves a lot of energy. Plus, you also get to learn the basics of self-defense.

During the classes you throw punches, incorporate a combination of arm & leg boxing movements, some jump roping and shuffling through bobbing and weaving, and then cool down with stretches. The participants are sometimes grouped in a circle to move in a circular motion together, using their arms. You can also do some follow-up training at home on the basis of this exercise, simply moving back and forth across the room and rotating your arms as if you were boxing a punching bag. Of course, going in a circle is not necessary then. While training in the gym, the group is pushed to move constantly in order to keep the heart rate up. The training also includes a 20-minute toning section, mainly focused on abs and lower body work. The abs workouts and table work can be a traditional workout or combined with variations and performed with the use of hand and/or leg weights to increase the intensity.

Altogether, it’s a great way to get the body you have always wanted.

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Weight Loss Tips – Interval Training

Weight loss can be a tough nut to crack because we lack motivation and and we usually give up before we see the results we want. One of the best weight loss tips out there is to use a variety of different exercises and to focus on interval training.

Interval training can be anything that sends your heart rate into stratospheric levels very quickly. Interval training is very difficult but is has the added benefit of whipping you into fabulous cardiovascular shape and not just helping you loose weight.

Anyone looking for fitness tips would be well served to use interval training on a regular basis. There are two main forms of interval training.

One is simply doing a resistance exercise circuit, with very short breaks in between sets, high reps and lower weights. The ideal rep range would be any where from 10 – 20. Focusing on the lower end and you are building more muscle and focusing on the higher end any you are doing more cardiovascular work. I suggest using a variety of different exercises, weights, and rep ranges.

The other type of interval training is purely cardiovascular and focuses on short burst of energy such as sprints. I like to do uphill sprints then walk back down the hill and repeat. As few as 5 of these can really do wonders for your conditioning. You can do this on a bike, in the pool, with a punching bag, or anything else. Just bring your exertion to a maximum level for at least 30 seconds then back off.

Interval training is very demanding on the body and the mind. It hurts and it takes some major determination to push through and finish the workouts. Proper nutrition is essential to make sure that you are refueling your muscles and your mind.

One of the best benefits of doing interval training in this manner is that you will be hitting a variety of different muscle groups and maximizing your bodies ability to burn fat. You will also be strengthening your entire body and adding lean muscle mass which will cause you to burn more calories.

Following this weight loss tip can really boost your fat loss and overall health and fitness.