A Skinny Guy’s Guide To Build Muscles Fast

Being the smallest thing when you are with your friends is not a good thing, both how people perceive you and your self-esteem. It sucks like crazy having a figure 1 shape with no developed muscle whatsoever. However, you are not doomed to be like that, it is possible for you to bulk up fast and build chest muscles through exercise. However, it is not going to be so easy since you will have to go through more stages to achieve this compared to an ordinary full figured person. You will adopt a good skinny guy workout program that will focus on muscle development rather than burning fat but before you get to that, you have to eat to gain more energy. Anyone can build muscle no matter their physical appearance, they just have to know the right way how.

You have to increase your calorie intake by simply increasing the quality and quantity of food you take. Since you are different from regular guys, you will strive to come close to them by eating more, like six meals in a day but you have to be careful to eat only good foods. This means that there should be no processed carbohydrates, bad fats and junk foods. Increased calories will supply the body with the energy to workout, the body will use proteins and vitamins to produce growth hormones that will be used to build muscle.

Work out your muscles just enough- working out longer does not necessarily mean that you will bulk up more. Your workout sessions should be no more than 45 minutes and you should workout three days a week, not more. In order to build chest muscle, you will basically be lifting heavy to apply pressure on the muscles but be careful on how you do this. Each lifting should have between 8 and 12 reps, not more not less.

How To Dine Out And Still Remain Fit

A lot of your weight loss program will evolve around eating out at your local restaurants.  Sometimes you’ll just be too tired to cook and other times it may be a business meal or simply a social gathering with friends.  Although pleasurable, dining out can make it harder to get rid of that chubby belly and eat healthfully.

At home you are in complete control over what goes into your food and how it’s prepared.  The power is often shifted to restaurant cook when you dine out.  However, there are a few things you can do while still enjoying your dining experience without undermining your commitment to get rid of body fat.

Below are three tips that will assist when dining out:

Tip #1

Don’t hesitate to order off the menu. Many times the restaurant has exactly what you want to eat but not in the right combination.  For example, if a restaurant sells eggs, you can order egg whites only.  What if you’re at a restaurant where spaghetti is on the menu?  You would know that they also have some olive oil, which is a healthy fat, on hand.  Ask the server to have the chef grill you a boneless chicken breast in olive oil instead of butter.  Most restaurants are glad to accommodate you if you’re willing to ask.

Tip #2

Split your dish with a dining partner.  Most restaurant portions of food are ridiculously large and it seems that they are even getting bigger.  Split a meal with someone at your table.  Many restaurants may frown upon this and you can understand why but just offer to pay a split charge to keep everyone happy.  Another alternative is to ask the waiter to reduce the portion to an appetizer size.  Don’t be pressured into ordering those supersized portions and be sure to compensate your waiter or waitress by leaving a larger gratuity.

Tip #3

Have a healthy dessert.  Opt for a bowl or cup of fresh in seasoned fruit, a little sorbet or frozen yogurt.  If these items are not available then suggest going somewhere else for dessert.  You may discover that your sweet tooth has left you by the time you drive or walk to the next place.