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Natural Diets That Work

The problem with many diets, that offer a quick fix, lose weight fast philosophy, is that they are to generalized, and more often than not, don’t take into account our individual genetic make up, we each have specific requirements that help us metabolize foods and no two people are the same.  When we try to lose weight to quickly, often there will be some weight loss initially, but this tends to plateau out, what is happening here, is that the body’s fat protection mechanism swings into action and in this state of famine, your body will actually hold onto fat, breaking down muscle and losing water instead.  The body’s natural instinct is to use any food it is fed as nourishment, in order to keep functioning effectively and stay alive.The best type of diet plan is the most simplistic one, that involves a regular intake of natural foods that your body is able to break down easily, with this type of energy intake the body can synthesize the vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins more effectively, thus helping to metabolize these foods quicker.

It goes without saying that if you look after yourself, you have a better chance of preventing certain degenerative illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer, which is why losing weight naturally should be the preferred option.  Adopting a healthy nutritional eating plan, combined with regular exercise, will give a gradual reduction in weight, that will be far easier to maintain.  Obviously we are all human and there will be times when we don’t follow these guidelines, but the benefit of following an eating pattern such as this, is that you don’t have to feel guilty about falling of the wagon occasionally, simply carry on where you left off.  As long as you maintain this foundation for healthy eating, then you don’t have to feel negative about the odd deviation.  Implementing this type of lifestyle does initially take some thinking and pre-planning, but in time it simply becomes a way of life, and you find you focus on those foods that are healthier and more beneficial for you.

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Fast Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 50

If you are a woman who is over 50 and is looking for fast ways to lose weight, then this is the right article for you! Hormonal changes typically occur once you reach your middle ages and with this, you are sure to find yourself gaining more and more weight in a very rapid pace. First, you will see you thighs get saggy and a lot bigger, then your buttocks and then your belly. This will occur continuously, if you are not careful and do nothing about it. If you want to put a stop to it and ultimately get back in optimal shape, here are a few tips with regards to fitness women over 50. Read on now!

1.) Keep your intake of carbohydrates low, especially during dinner time. Carbs are what fuels your body; hence the reason why they are called “energy giving foods”. You need a good dose of carbs so you could function at your best. It is best that you consume plenty of carbs (but make sure they are of complex kind) during mornings and the afternoon since this is the time of the day when your body’s energy demands are at high. If you consume too much carbs at night wherein your body is at rest, there is a high chance that they will get stored into your system as fats.

Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 50
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2.) Make sure that you include plenty of protein in your everyday meals. Protein is not just known to help build muscles mass, but they also regulate fat. Protein also promotes the release of the body’s hormone referred to as glucagon which is essential in counterbalancing the fat building properties connected with insulin.

3.) Start with bodyweight circuits. Knee push ups and wall squats are great resistance exercises for women. It is also best that you include cardio routines such as jumping rope, jumping jacks and your good old jogging into your daily exercise program for optimum weight loss.

Now, if you wish to find out more great tips grab a copy of the Fit Over 40 eBook. This program will provide you with nothing but surefire tips on how you can remain vibrant, fit and young as you age.

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Seven Tips For Quick Weight Loss

If you’re looking to get jump started on your weight loss program, the following seven tips for quick weight loss will do just that.  Remember that you should never be attempting a crash diet for quick weight loss but rather using tried and true methods that will not only help you lose the weight, but also keep it off for good.

Here are our seven best tips for quick weight loss.

Up Your Intake Of Calorie Free Fluids

The first tip for quick weight loss is to make sure you’re getting enough calorie free fluids each day.  Those who are not drinking enough may turn to food when they’re really thirsty, which will have a very big impact on their ability to lose weight.

The best calorie free fluid choices include green tea, herbal tea, water, as well as seltzer.

Fill Half Your Plate With Vegetables

Second, another quick and simple trick that will automatically help you reduce back on the number of calories you’re taking in is to fill half your plate full with vegetables.  Vegetables contain so much fiber and are virtually calorie free, so as long as you’re sure not to cook them with any high calorie sauces, you can really eat them in unlimited amounts.

Best of all they fill you up quickly so you won’t take in as many calories from other foods.

Cycle Your Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the one type of food that many people do struggle with on a weight loss diet but if you cycle them and have high and low carb days, you’ll likely see far better results.

As you do this be sure you’re putting your high carb days on those days you have intense workout sessions when your body requires the energy and your low carb days on rest days.

If you can focus on just vegetables on the low carb days you’ll be exactly where you want to be for maximum fat loss.

Eat Protein-Only Snacks

If there’s one type of food that will instantly boost your metabolism, protein is it.  To help rapidly speed up weight loss, focus on eating protein only snacks along with more vegetables.  By keeping it to this you’ll reduce the chances of a blood sugar spike that will only cause you to consume more food.

Half a chicken breast with a salad or a can of tuna mixed with salsa would both be perfect options to get you through the afternoon until dinner.

Don’t Eliminate All Fat From Your Diet

One mistake that some people make while following a weight loss diet is eliminating all fat from their plan.  While fat is much more calorie dense and needs to be kept in moderation, having some will help keep your appetite under control.

If you aim for 3-6 grams per meal, you’ll find you’re less hungry while on your weight loss diet and fat comes off faster.  Just stick to healthy sources such as olive oil, nuts, or nut butters.

Eat A Soup Meal Three Times Per Week

One quick trick that helps you further cut calories during the week is to have a few broth-based soup meals.  Soup fills you up quickly and with so much fiber added in will cause you to consume very few calories total.

If you serve some vegetable soup along side your main protein source for a few meals throughout the week, you should notice faster fat loss results because of it.

Stay Positive After Set-Backs

Finally, if something happens on your fat loss diet and you do have a set-back, don’t stress.  Those that let this cause them to fall off their plan altogether are far more likely to really face a problem than those who can put it behind them and get right back on track.

Set-backs will happen – don’t beat yourself up over it but instead focus on what you can do moving forward.

So keep these tips in mind for faster weight loss results. The more of them you can include in your plan, the better.

This article was a guest contribution by Nick. You can read more posts by Nick on Building Body Muscles.  Nick is also a featured reviewer of muscle building and weight gain programs. These days he is working out on 7 Minute Muscle. You can read more about it on this link – 7 Minute Muscle. While you are there subscribe to his blog’s rss feed or newsletter to receive more such effective tips.

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The Best Cardio Exercises To Rapidly Lose Weight

The Best Cardio Exercises To Rapidly Lose Weight

Almost everyone out there on a weight loss diet program is focused on what they can do to help that weight come off faster.  One of the best methods of speeding up your progress is to add in some well thought-out exercise that will boost the metabolism and keep you looking lean and firm.

Cardio exercise is a type that does tend to burn off quite a bit of calories so can boost your daily calorie deficit.  Since it’s this deficit that determines whether or not you lose body fat, the higher you can bring it, the more chances you’re going to have of seeing success.

The following are some of the best cardio exercises that will help you rapidly lose weight.

Interval Sprinting

By far and away the single most effective form of cardio exercise for weight loss is interval sprinting.  Interval sprints will boost the metabolic rate up the highest after they have been performed and will cause you to burn more calories 24/7 – even while you’re parked in front of the TV later on that evening watching your favorite reality series.

The one thing to remember with interval sprinting however is that because it is a lot more intense, you shouldn’t be performing it daily but rather keeping your sessions to 2-4 per week total.

Hill Walking

Next, if interval running just isn’t your thing, consider hill walking to help you rapidly lose weight.  Hill walking is great because it will not only torch calories but will also firm up the highs, thighs, and bum region.

Anyone who wants to look better in their lower body will really enjoy the benefits that hill walking provides them.  Just be sure that you aren’t holding onto the handles of treadmill if you choose to do this inside the gym.  That will take much of the pressure off the legs to actually do the work.

Swimming Laps

Third, another great form of weight loss cardio is swimming laps.  Swimming, since it utilizes the whole body, will burn more calories than other forms of cardio and the best thing is that it’s completely low impact.

Anyone who is suffering from knee or back pain will do very well adding this to their program.


A fourth great cardio method for fast weight loss is rowing. Like swimming, rowing is superior because not only will you be working the legs, but you’ll be targeting the upper body as well.  Most gyms do have a rowing cardio machine now so try that next time you’re there for something different.


Finally, the last way to get in shape quickly is to try out one of the new bootcamp classes out there.  These are rapidly catching on among many people and will have you losing weight very quickly.  Best of all, since you’ll be constantly changing the exercises you’re doing, you will never get bored.

Most people have no problem sticking to a bootcamp style workout so that helps them see lasting results.

So consider all of these cardio forms if you’re looking for quick weight loss and a great way to get in shape.

For those who are just starting out check out this review of truth about abs. Its one of the most popular programs out there for fat loss. The review and this article is by Nick. You can read more of his articles and reviews on his blog – Building Body Muscles.

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Your Quick Weight Loss Diet Plan

Your Quick Weight Loss Diet Plan

There’s no doubt that the majority of people want to lose weight in the quickest manner possible. Many also know that there’s no magic pill to erase all the unwanted pounds over night. It would be nice to take a pill before going to bed and wake up fit, but it just does not work that way. Due to this, many decide to try a quick weight loss plan instead.

There’s no shortage of these types of diet plans. If you want to lose weight fast, you can find a plan that suits you easily. You can go about finding the fast weight loss plan in a few different ways; you can either go to a dietitian or go to the internet for sources on how to lose weight quickly.

On the internet, you will be able to find hundreds of quick weight loss diet plans which you can choose from; however you should keep in mind that these diet plans are no guarantee. Although you may read reviews as well as testimonials from others, remember that you cannot always take these into account. What you should do though is create your own plan. This is ideal since you can tailor your plan, in accordance to your lifestyle. You will be able to get an idea of what a healthy fast weight loss diet looks like and make adjustments where needed to fit your needs. You have to make sure that you include healthy foods and regular exercise along the way.

When you start out on the quick weight loss program, there will be challenges but if you don’t give up, stay determined; you will begin to adjust to the changes you have made. Once you get into the routine of things, your diet will become a part of life and it will go smoothly.

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Healthy Awesome Weight Loss Diet

Have you been searching for the best weight loss diet? Are you struggling to lose pounds and starting to think that you will never be successful? Do you have a heart condition, bad knees, or other ailments that prevent you from following many diets? If so, I know exactly how frustrated you are feeling. However, there is hope. There is an Awesome Weight Loss Diet that can help you finally start to shed those stubborn pounds and lose inches from your waist line.

Allow me to give you some background information on myself. I was one hundred pounds overweight; and had been for more than six years. This was despite walking on the treadmill for forty-five minutes a day, five days a week. Over the years I’ve considered many different diet plans. They were all ruled out as being too risky for me because I have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol. I was at my wit’s end and considering bariatric surgery to lose the weight. I was in desperate need of a great weight loss diet.

Then my doctor put me on the Zig-Zag diet. This diet is used by body builders when they are trying to shed body fat. This healthy awesome weight loss diet is a combination of several different
dieting philosophies.

The first premise is that the awesome weight loss diet plan is followed for 5 days; then for 2 days it’s tossed out the window. That’s right. After a week of counting carbs and proteins you get to enjoy whatever you want for 2 days. This prevents your body from adjusting to the diet.

The second main goal is that you must eat five times a day for those five days. Even if you are using shakes as a meal replacement; the idea is to make sure that you are putting food in your body five times throughout the day. This kicks your metabolism into overdrive.

Finally, each meal during those five days consists of 40 grams of protein, 25 grams of carbohydrates and 10 grams of fat. It sounds crazy, but it’s actually not difficult at all. Our dinners are traditionally a meat with rice. I eat more of the meat and a lot less rice. Breakfast is two eggs with cheese and some sausage. My carbs are consumed through the juice I drink. When you’re following this awesome weight loss diet, what you eat doesn’t matter as much as meeting the number requirements.

I was sceptical, but willing to try anything. I quickly found that I was more energetic than I had been in years. For six years I had tried to lose weight, yet the needle on the scale never budged. In the first week on this diet, I lost ten pounds. In the next two weeks I lost five more. I then settled into a pattern of losing fifteen pounds a month. The best part of this Awesome Weight Loss Diet is that as the pounds dropped, so did my blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels.