Weird Side Effects From HCG Weight Loss Drops And Shots

If you type “HCG side effects” on the Google or Yahoo! search bar, the first three or five websites that pop up will most likely inform you that there are no known HCG side effects whatsoever, and then proceed to trying to convince you to buy their product through various marketing strategies. But HCG side effects are real, and if you visit well-established health and nutrition websites like and, you will get the correct information that HCG drops side effects as well as reactions from HCG injections are very real indeed, and what’s more, these trustworthy sites will also denounce the use of HCG as a weight loss treatment in line with the United States Food and Drug Administration’s views on the subject.

HCG is a hormone released by the brain’s pituitary gland, the reproductive system of the female body during pregnancy, the fast-growing cells of an embryo or fetus, and sometimes by cancerous tumors. There is no proof that HCG has a hand in burning off calories and fats or increasing metabolic drive and energy levels, and the approved used for HCG are all directly related to its true functions on the human body: as a pregnancy test and as a marker for cancerous growths to test the presence of HCG in a growing baby or a tumor, and as a treatment for fertility problems in women. These approved uses are a far cry from the claims of those selling HCG as being as effective for weight loss as appetite suppressant foods or diet pills.

Taking HCG oral drops and shots or injections can put you at risk for experiencing weird side effects. Men who follow the HCG diet may notice to their astonishment the increase of breast size, a condition known as gynecomastia. This is because HCG, as a hormone much associated with pregnancy functions in the human body, can indirectly cause breast growth and soreness, even in men. Women too can experience more pregnancy-related side effects, such as acne, pain around the hips, mood swings, swelling of the extremities, nausea and vomiting that is similar to morning sickness. Depression and irritability occur frequently among pregnant women and can happen to those taking HCG too. And what’s worse, HCG may actually promote weight gain rather than the much touted weight loss, for pregnant women naturally gain weight, and HCG can trick the body into mimicking the same reaction because of its true nature as a pregnancy-related hormone.

HCG is not approved as a weight loss treatment, and HCG drops and shots should not be treated as such. Take HCG only when approved by your doctor and for the health uses it is proven to be beneficial.