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Fat burning foods for women

It’s the time of year when fitness participation among women takes a bit of a nosedive.  The New Years’ resolutions usually worn off by now, and summer and bikini weather are still too far away to overcome the exercise dread that many women feel.  Also, because there’s less daylight, we tend to  just have less energy than we do during other times of the year.  But our cellulite doesn’t care about the amount of daylight, so it’s helpful to pay a little bit of attention to your diet even if you’re not training for the Iron Woman triathlon just yet.

There is quite an abundance of weight loss tips and diets that work running around in the fitness, health, wellness, and weight loss world.  There are many diets (for our purposes, we will define “diet” here as a short-term change in your normal eating habits to produce a weight loss result) that will help you lose a bit of weight, at least for a short while.  People have put together all sorts of programs to help you control your body weight and body fat percentage.

But for how long?  If you don’t enjoy life while you’re dieting, I guarantee you won’t be on your diet for long.  It’s just our nature.  We may agree to suffer, but only if we know somewhere in the back of our minds that it will be temporary.  But lasting body mass control and healthy living depends on developing lasting, positive lifestyle habits.

Here’s where fat burning foods for women come in.  As the name suggests, fat burning foods help set up the metabolic conditions for your body to use fat for fuel, rather than sugars.  The result is that you don’t store fat at nearly the same rate as in the reverse condition.

The fat burning food recipe is simply this:  eat meats and vegetables, seeds and nuts, some fruits, very little starch (bread, rice, cereal, potatoes), and no sugar.  While it may sound difficult, it turns out that natural, healthy, fat burning foods are delicious without all the added crap.

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An Easy List of Fat Burning Foods

It sounds like something right out of Hollywood.  Imagine a hero slashing his way through dangerous, enemy-infested archaeological relics in search of the holy grail of modern weight loss science and lore: the mysterious and powerful “list of fat burning foods” that will miraculously solve America’s epidemic obesity problem.

It really doesn’t have to be as dramatic as all that, as fun as the idea might sound.  Fat burning foods are actually currently available in every grocery store in the United States.  Unfortunately, most shoppers don’t spend much money on them.  Instead, they go after processed foods, over-processed carbohydrates (like breads and pastas), piles of sugar, and corn syrup-laden “energy” drink concoctions.  The result is that collectively, our hind quarters look far more bovine or pachyderm than human these days, and the obesity epidemic is starting to get way out of control.

Lots of people are afraid to even try diets that work.  They’re afraid it might entail months of suffering through cardboard-like fiber snacks, strange potions, and gag-inducing “super foods.”  The biggest fear is that they won’t enjoy what they’re eating, they’ll only stay on their new “diet” for a few weeks or months, and then fall right back into their old flabby ways.

I had much the same fear a little bit over four years ago, when I first set off on my quest to lose 42 pounds. Happily, I discovered that clean eating and fat burning foods are actually delicious.  I took all the weight off in a little over seven months, and I have kept it off since then.  I would never have succeeded if I didn’t enjoy the taste, texture, and consistency of the foods that I ate, regardless of how much benefit they were giving to my body.

What’s the list of fat burning foods I used?  Be prepared to be surprised, because it’s a very simple prescription:  eat meats (if your politics permit), vegetables, nuts, seeds, and some fruits.  Eat starches (breads, potatoes, pasta, rice) only very sparingly, and avoid sugars altogether.

It really is that easy!

Acai Berry dieting weight loss

You’ll Find Nothing but Gourmet Offerings in the List of Fat Burning Foods!

If you want to lose weight and at the same time continue eating the same amount of foods without starving yourself, find yourself a complete list of fat burning foods and you’ll definitely have your wish.

Fat burning foods are also called heat generating foods or thermogenic foods. They act like fuels and aid in increasing the body temperature. When the body temperature rises, the fat cells melt and the obese person’s weight goes down and if it continues doing the same he will, in no time, get slim.

In some cases however, eating fat burning foods may not be enough. Although the effect of fat burning foods in bringing weight loss is highly effective, it won’t hurt if we do some exercises as well, especially if we are capable of doing it. It will not only hasten the slimming process, it will also give your cardio-vascular and digestive system some good.

Most obese and overweight individuals are prone to heart diseases and digestive problems. A simple stroll will do some good to the body. Later on you may increase the length both of the area covered and the time you spend in doing the exercise. If you have some other health problems aside from obesity, you should talk to your doctor before embarking on any exercise. Otherwise, if you’re healthy enough to do it, go and improve your health some more by doing some exercise.

You will find that the list of fat burning foods are mostly protein foods. No carbohydrates, sweets, and fat foods. Most diet regimens are endorsing fat burning foods, albeit using different terms.

Some of the most prominent fat burning foods are lean meats of beef, pork, veal, venison, skinless fowl meat (chicken and turkey as examples), chevon or goat’s meat, carabeef, and many more. The lean meats of hunted wild animals have more fat burning properties compared to the domesticated ones.

Also included are fatty and deep sea fishes like salmon, lake trout, sardines, mackerels, tuna, and halibuts among others.

Skim milk, goat’s milk, green tea, and coffee are fat burning beverages. Spices like onions, chili peppers, jalapeños, and garlic just to name a few are very effective thermogenic foods as well.
There are many more fat burning foods you can find in the marine world like clams, shells, oysters, lobsters, and shrimp.
Be careful when eating these fat burning foods. Don’t eat their fatty parts, except fish, because they have high cholesterol contents. You may end up fatter and sickly if you’re not careful. Eaten properly and in right proportion, fat burning foods will really help you when you’re wondering how to lose fat weight effectively.

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