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The Efficacy of Probiotic Foods and Supplements

Probiotics are microorganisms naturally found in our intestinal pathways that help our body maintain a healthy and robust digestive system. They help our body acquire the necessary vitamins and minerals by breaking them down for easier absorption. These bacteria also strengthen our immune system as they help our antibodies cope with the presence of harmful bacteria.

Though they are naturally present in our body, some external elements such as stress, medical procedures and medicines like antibiotics can diminish the presence of these helpful bacteria in our body and this insufficiency can lead to an imbalance in our system triggering the weakening of our natural defenses against illnesses. As probiotics are key to our overall health, it is paramount to keep these good bacteria at an adequate number in our body. Today, we are credited with two ways on how we can get our probiotics.

Fortunately, probiotic foods have always been abundant. The early Babylonians took in their daily dose of good bacteria by way of fermented beverages. In the 1900s scientists studied the European diet of cultured products and their benefits, bringing more focus and research into what we now know as probiotics. Today, certain foods have been credited with having certain strains of healthy bacteria such as miso, kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh, dairy products like buttermilk and soft cheeses as well as certain soy and dairy beverages. Including any of these in our regular diet can assure us of protection against certain illnesses.


The advent of advanced technology has allowed scientists to add nutrients to our body through the use of probiotic supplements. These supplements are a dietary add on primarily intended to strengthen the volume of good bacteria in our body. They can be taken in capsule or powder form. And with an increasing number of consumers beginning to patronize these supplements, we must be careful to ensure that we buy only those that are reputable such as the culturelle probiotic supplements and other well known brands. As this is the only brand in the US that prides itself from not just being completely natural but it contains Lactobacillus GG, a thoroughly documented and studied strain that can successfully be taken in our body and adapt to our intestines.

Since these supplements have specific strains of probiotics in their composition, they help provide the means of improving our digestive and immunity functions if our daily diet is lacking.

As they are taken as supplements, our body may react differently from others, as always caution must be exercised and proper consultation with your doctor is highly recommended.

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